Payara Monthly Catch: May 2023

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Welcome to our May selection of the best blogs, videos, podcasts and tutorials from the world of  Java, Jakarta EE, cloud computing and open source. 

It's a very regal Monthly Catch - Hidden Gems 💎, Java Queens 👑 and coding like a King in our roundup below. 

It's also the month Java turned 28 years old! Happy birthday to the coding language keeping us going and getting stronger and stronger. We are still discovering great things brought in the last LTS release - watch out for an upcoming blog on Java Records - but Java experts are already looking at Java 21, getting us excited for what we can expect further down the line.

In the world of Jakarta EE, NoSQL has been growing in buzz - seeour own guide on the subject - and we are starting to see more experts exploring alternate database options. 

We hope there is a lot of material to keep you engaged and excited about Java and Jakarta EE.

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What is the Java Community Process (JCP)? - Rafael del Nero provides a really useful explanation of HOW Java is developed & evolved.

Amazon has surpassed Oracle as the leading JDK vendor, while use of Java 17 has increased four-fold! - Paul Krill reports on the newest New Relic State of Java report.

Can we integrate NoSQL Databases with Java & Jakarta EE? - Short answer: Yes! Zakaria Nabil sums up why we can, with reference to Otavo Santana & JNoSQL.

Using Async-Profiler & Jattach Programmatically with AP-Loader - Johannes Bechberger focuses on Async-profiler's programmatic usage.

Hidden and Not-So-Hidden Gems In Java 20💎- Mohamed Taman  looks at the preview and incubator JEPs in Java 20, as well as many smaller enhancements, bug fixes, and deprecations. 

Creating Scalable OpenAI GPT Applications in Java - Denis Magda teaches you how to integrate the ChatGPT engine into your Java applications in a scalable way by sending prompts to the engine only when necessary.

How to perform JavaBeans Validation- Snyk helps you create a new Java application & validate some example strings to demonstrate how JavaBean Validation works.

A Comprehensive Guide to Java Virtual Threads (Part 1)- A N M Bazlur Rahman takes you through how Java Virtual Threads work, why they are beneficial for developers & how they overcome the limitations of traditional Java threads.

How to Backup and Restore a PostgreSQL Database - Gunter Rotsaert hows you how, in this step by step guide.

A Dissection of Java JDBC to PostgreSQLConnections - Frits Hoogland explains which database options are available in Java, what happens, & why.

Rethinking microservices - Emily Jiang invites you to step back & rethink microservices. History, misconceptions, best practices & the future. 

Analyzing dependencies in Intellij IDEA- If you're working on a real world project, you're probably using external dependencies. You might need to analyze which dependencies your application uses.
Marit van Dijk shows you IntelliJ IDEA can help.

Hibernate default entity sequence- In this article, Vlad Mihalcea shows you how the default entity sequence changes when migrating from Hibernate 5 to Hibernate 6.

How to do password hashing in Java applications the right way! - There are multiple ways to store sensitive passwords. Brian Vermeer hashes out some options (get it? 😉 )

Videos & Podcasts

Serverless Java (17) on AWS Cloud- Maximilian Schellhorn talks to Adam Bien about cloud & on-premise architectures, Fullstack Serverless Java Architectures on AWS & AWS Lambda with Java 17 with SnapStart.

Interpolating Strings Like a King 👑 - JEP 430 targets Java 21 & proposes to enhance the Java programming language with string templates, to handle literal text containing embedded expressions & use template processors to produce specialized results.

Wicked Good Development Episode 32: Java Queens at DevNexus 2023👑- Java Champions Erin Schnable, Emily Jiang, Mary Gygleski, and Holly Cummins covertheir journeys in tech, qualities of a great leader & more! 

Adam Bien talks to Ceki about Log4j vs. java.util.logging & more!

"Write once, run everywhere"? That's the promise of Java! - Frank Delporte demonstrates this - Building Smart Devices using Java on the Raspberry Pi. 

WTF is SRE? 2023 - Try this conference playlist on WTF is SRE ???

Adam Bien podcast with Antonio Goncalves - discussing GlassFish contributions, Jakarta EE WAR requirements & more.

Java Profiling & Performance on the Foojay podcast! - The need for profiling depends on application complexity & performance requirements, Chris Newland, Marcus Hirt and Heinz Kabutz discuss. 

Ultra-Fast Microservices: Microstream Meets Payara- Otavio Santana chooses Payara as part of the third article in his ultra-fast series, learn a new database that can make your microservices scale up quickly in the Java world!

Payara Retreat 2023 

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Guides Out This Month! 

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