Payara Monthly Catch: January 2023

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Starting the New Year right with our pick of the most useful and informative Java, Jakarta EE, DevOps, cloud computing, open source and enterprise software content from the month of January.

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What better way to begin a new year than getting started with Java or Jakarta EE? We were inspired by Gunnar Morling'sOpinionated Guide to Getting Started with Java Developmentto create our ownOpinionated Guide to Getting Started with Jakarta EE. Even if you are a seasoned developer, we'd recommend you check out what tools Gunnar and Payaran Luqman choose and why. You could always try a new solution for 2023!

Speaking of new starts... Now Jakarta EE10 has been released, work on Jakarta EE 11 has started. The high level guidelines are out and it's a great time to get involved in open source and look into making a contribution.Community input was keyto developing the guiding direction for this new release, which includes targeting Java SE 21, and hasfour main priorities: Unified APIs improving Developer Experience, New Specifications, Build on the Latest Java and Enable Community Contribution. Get involved. 

We hope you enjoy the first Monthly Catch of 2023! 

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Jakarta Security 3.0 adds OpenID Connect protocol support- Hansty shows you how to configure OpenID Connect authentication with popular providers such as Keycloak in this informative blog.

Java 17 features: A comparison between versions 8 & 17- What has changed over the years? This is a useful timeline. 

"In 2022 we had the opportunity to celebrate the release of Jakarta EE 10, which can be considered the first real step forward since rebranding." - Artur Skowronski includes Jakarta EE 10 in his article 'Everything you might have missed in Java in 2022.' 

Using IntelliJ IDEA?- Marit van Dijk shows you the different ways you can view your project's dependencies in IntelliJ IDEA - & the different focus for each view. 

Java Map to JSON mapping with JPA & Hibernate- Vlad Mihalcea shows you how you can store Java Map entity attributes in JSON columns when using JPA, Hibernate, & the Hypersistence Utils project.

Should You Update Java or Upgrade?- What's the difference & what are the consequences of your decision? The first of this Frank Delporte blog series examines OpenJDK release cadences, upgrading Java versions & how to keep your environment safe

Getting Started With Java Development in 2023 — An Opinionated Guide - Gunnar Morling provides his comprehensive guide to the best way to get started with Java. Including versions, libraries, build tools & more - & key definitions! 

Bubble Sort with Java💭 - Usually, the first sort algorithm many developers learn is the Bubble sort. Rafael del Nero explains more.

Implementing Infinite Scroll in jOOQ- Infinite scroll is a classical usage of keyset pagination & is gaining popularity these days. Anghel Leonard tells you how to do it in jOOQ.

How to Check Docker Images for Vulnerabilities - In this blog by Gunter Rotsaert, you will learn how to perform the vulnerability scan, how to fix the vulnerabilities & how to add it to your Jenkins pipeline. 

9 Outdated Ideas About Java- Frank Delporte looks into some false assumptions & outdated ideas about Java based on early versions - similar to our 'Dismiss the Java Myths' series in 2021 he argues against the fact Java is slow, or old.

Quest for REST - Nicolas Frankel focuses on listing some of the problems with REST API & providing hints at ways to solve them.

Videos & Podcasts

The Jakarta EE Community Gets Glowing Praise - "I've been in a number of different opource communities over the years, the Jakarta EE community is significantly more open & more professional." Reza Rahman, Principal Program Manager for Java on Azure at Microsoft.

Adam Bien podcast with Ken Fogel- They cover JavaOne, what it means to be a professional programmer, engineering principles, programmer vs. developer, & more.

Check outthis Adam Bien podcast, with Karol Harezlak from JFrog - Topics include reflections on working with NetBeans & when one line of code generates 50 warnings!

We hosted a three part series all about What's New in Jakarta EE. 10 You can catch up now:

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April 4 - 6, 2023

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Community News

Our Payara Platform Survey Results Are Out- Java 11 & 17 are most popular, Eclipse IDE is the most popular IDE, Testcontainers & Jenkins are the most used tools and Google Cloud the most popular public cloud platform.

Tanja Obradovic Delivers the Jakarta EE Community Update 2022 in Review- Celebrating 
Jakarta EE 10 & looking ahead to Jakarta EE 11, as well as welcoming membership growth. Come join us, we are Jakarta EE Working Group Strategic Members!

Two Guides For Jakarta EE Out This Month! 

Upgrade your legacy applications or investigate NoSQL options with the two guides we published in January:

A Business Guide to NoSQL on the Jakarta EE Platform

A Business Guide to Legacy Application Modernization For The Cloud Era  

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