The Payara Monthly Catch for June 2019

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Another very busy month for the Payara team! We had our annual "Payara Week" where we fly everyone in the company to our UK HQ for a week of close collaboration, celebration, review and fun! We also announced our new partner program "Payara Radiate".


But the Java world did not stop!, here is a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles, videos and podcasts from this month.


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Java EE - Jakarta EE Initializr  - Getting started with Jakarta EE just became even easier! by Ivo Woltring


The Power of the Application Server - A very worthy read by Edwin Derks.


OK, Java Is Still Free, But Which Version Do I Use and Recommend to My Clients? - "While the newest Java release cycle brought a lot of uneasiness, it actually aligns with scheduled updates from other platforms. Here's why you should switch." By Ken Fogel.


Download Java: One Stop Page – Unofficial JDK Pages A great start trying to bring together all the JDKs you can download into a single list.


HK2: The Hundred Kilobyte Kernel - HK2 is one of the oldest dependency injection (DI) frameworks and is used as the core of Payara Server. As such we help maintain HK2 under the Eclipse Foundation as part of JakartaEE.


Java EE Security in Relation to JASPIC, JACC and LoginModules/Realms - What exactly is the difference between the new "EE Security" API introduced in Java EE 8 and the existing security facilities in Java EE? In this article Arjan Tijms takes a look at that exact question.


Java Web Start is dead. Long live Java Web Start! - Check out OpenWebStart, an #opensource re implementation of the #Java Web Start technology.


HOWTO: Send emails with Java EE using Payara - ln this blog post, Philip Rieck shows you how you can send an email with an attachment to an email address of your choice using this API and Java EE 8, MicroProfile 2.0, Payara 5.192, Java 8, Maven and Docker.


Love it or Hate it, Java Continues to Evolve by Simon Ritter - James Gosling, the Father of Java, described it as a Blue collar programming language. The fundamental idea was to provide a language that let developers get the job done. In this it has been remarkably successful.


Moving Jakarta Forward: Jakarta NoSQL Approved as an EE4J Project - Otavio Santana evaluates the future of Jakarta EE , following it's newest release cadence, and how it will provide enhanced support for NoSQL databases.


The best way to map an entity version property with JPA and Hibernate - In this article, Vlad Mihalcea shows the best way to map the entity version property when using JPA and Hibernate, and why using a short column type might be a much better default.


What Is Kubernetes and How Does It Relate to Docker? - This blog by Matthew Gill will walk through some of the basics of Kubernetes, and will setup a simple microservice application locally to demonstrate its use.


How to Write a Simple, yet Extensible API - By Lukas Eder "Writing a simple API is difficult. Making it extensible in a simple way, however, is not."


Payara Tour of Japan 2019 - Michael Redlich wrote this extended article for InfoQ on our recent tour of Japan. 


Anti-Patterns and Code Smells - This article by Erik Englund is a hilarious list of commonly seen bad programming practices.



Demystifying the Most Significant Java Language Features from 9 to 11 - Understanding what happens under the hood (i.e. bytecode, x86 ASM) is always a step forward in writing more efficient code. Latest Java releases (i.e. 9, 10, 11) come with few language features which Ionut Balosin digs into by revealing their internals from a performance standpoint.


The 63rd AirHacks episode from AdamBien - Java's job listing report for May 2019, JWT, Authorization, Kafka vs. JMS, Java and serverless, streaming, containers, serverless, proper scope for JAX-RS resources, purpose of JARs in WARs, and more!


Java Current and FutureJava has changed more in the last year than in the previous five years. Find out more about these changes and what they mean for you. By Georges Saab & Mikael Vidstedt


Deploying and Configuring a Payara Micro s2i ThinWAR to OpenShift - With Payara Micro s2i image you can configure the server with checked-in scripts and deploy a ThinWAR to OpenShift. By Adam Bien 


The trouble with data replication - Patrik Dudits delivered this talk at Eastcode Sessions in Kosice 


Jakarta EE Meets NoSQL in the Cloud Age -Maybe you are wondering how to create an application like this? What is needed? What benefits can you take from this reality to your project? Elder Moraes shows how Jakarta EE can meet these needs when you are working with NoSQL databases in the cloud


Java Futures, Early 2019 Edition - Brian Goetz gives a whirlwind tour of just some of the features coming to Java next.



Episode 45 from Java OFFHEAP . Apache Roadshow in da HOUSE! Oracle says “NO!” to Javax, and A look at Diversity and Inclusion within Apache and Beyond 


The #42 episode - With Steve Millidge and Adam Bien talking about Payara Micro vs./or Payara Server, Jakarta EE, Java EE, MicroProfile and with a bit Docker and Kubernetes.


Community News

Moving Forward with Oracle and Eclipse Foundation Agreement on Jakarta EE  - Java EE Guardians have published a statement on the agreement between Oracle and Eclipse.


The (JavaEE) emperor is dead. Long live the (JakartaEE) emperor! - A landslide has happened in the JavaEE area of the Java ecosystem, which Manfred Riem addresses in this blog entry.


Eclipse MicroProfile has just announced the release of MicroProfile 3.0. - This version builds on MicroProfile 2.2, including major updates to the Rest Client, and introduces major API changes to Metrics and Health Check APIs.


The state of Developer Ecosystem in 2019 Infographic - Jetbrains polled almost 7,000 developers to share their insights on modern technologies, programming languages, frameworks, and tools of choice for software development.


Java Conferences 2019 - This list by Marcus Biel is incredibly useful if you want to get an overview of Java conferences this year as well as where and when they are being held. The list seems to grow every year!


Renaming Jetty from javax.* to jakarta.* - The folks at JettyProject weigh in on the issues effecting them regarding renaming Jetty from javax.* to jakarta.*


NetBeans 11.1 beta-2 available - With Payara out of the box! 


CDI is now moving to Jakarta EE. - Cool!



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