Payara Platform Supports MicroProfile 4.1

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While support for MicroProfile 4.0 has been available in Payara Community since 5.2021.1 we’ve waited to add it to Payara Enterprise because it created breaking changes.

Payara Enterprise previously supported MicroProfile 3.3 which was based on Java EE 8.0 artifacts.  MicroProfile 4.1 is based on Jakarta EE 8.0 artifacts. Please note if you use MicroProfile and upgrade to the Payara Enterprise 5.30.0 release (August 2021) you may have to change config values or make updates to your applications using MicroProfile.

In addition to upgrading from MicroProfile 3.3 to 4.1 support in Payara Enterprise, we also upgraded from MicroProfile 4.0 to 4.1 support in the Payara Community Edition by implementing MicroProfile Health 3.1 to introduce a @Startup annotation. If you were already using MicroProfile 4.0 the MicroProfile 4.1 release is a minor release and does not include incompatible changes.

Breaking Changes 

The most important breaking changes can be found on the following documentation pages:

About MicroProfile 4.1

MicroProfile 4.1 is the 2nd version released by the recently-formed MicroProfile Working Group.  This is the first release defining the compatible implementation requirements, as follows.

The MicroProfile 4.1 release follows the new MicroProfile Specification Process.

Official MP Compatibility Pending

We are currently working to provide the TCK results for voting to earn official MicroProfile 4.1 Compatible Implementation status for Payara Platform.

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