Payara Platform 201 : New Release Roundup

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We've published a number of blogs about the updates and new features with the Payara Platform 5.201 release, but here are the highlights in case you've missed it:

The 5.201 release is the point where the Stability and Community Streams of Payara Platform become synced - that means all of the new features and enhancements available in the community stream for the last year have now become stable enough to enter the Stability Stream (for Payara Enterprise customers using Payara Platform in mission critical production environments).

Monitoring Console Updates -The monitoring console was introduced in Payara Platform 5.194 and received additional updates in the 5.201 release, including:

  • Alerts & Watches
  • Immediate Health Checks
  • Stuck and Hogging Threads
  • Slow SQL
  • Color Themes

Data Grid Encryption - Prior to the Payara Platform 5.201 release, encrypting data stored in the data grid has required a separate subscription to Hazelcast Enterprise. Starting with the Payara Platform 5.201 release, data grid encryption is available within Payara Server (in technical preview) without the need for an additional subscription.

Warming Up Payara Micro Container Images - the Payara Micro 5.201 release added two command line options to make preparing container images easier and enable class data sharing on HotSpot Java Virtual Machine.

Hot Deploy Feature - you can now configure a project in the Apache NeBeans IDE to enable Auto Deploy and Hot Deploy mode to run and test an application immediately after making changes to its sources without restarting the server.

Also starting with this release, we've made changes to how we build and report our future platform roadmap. As part of the Payara Reef community initiative, we've introduced the Open Roadmap for the Payara Platform. Learn more about the Open Roadmap here. The Payara Reef program enables the Payara team to support the efforts of community members in spreading the word about the Payara Platform. Join our monthly community forum or make requests for support on the Reef page.

Finally, you can look at the release notes for a full list of component upgrades, new features, improvements, and bug fixes: Release Notes.