The Payara Monthly Catch - March 2024

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Ahoy, Payara Community! Here's an overview of our fresh catch for March, where we've reeled in our favorite bits from the depths for you to enjoy and power up your Jakarta EE applications!

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🗺️ J2EE to Jakarta EE: Chronicles of Java’s Enterprise Evolution: With so many alternatives available when it comes to frameworks and platforms for software development, you might be asking what makes Jakarta EE a good option as primary software development platform. In this blog post we answer this question for you. 

📈 Jakarta EE: Powering Mass Productivity in Enterprise Java Development Watch our latest on-demand webinar "Jakarta EE: Powering Mass Productivity in Enterprise Java Development" to learn more about the productivity advantages that Jakarta EE brings to developers in the enterprise Java domain.

Effortless Jakarta EE: Deploying Apps Directly from Your Java main() Method With Payara Micro Traditional Jakarta EE deployment methods can sometimes feel overly complex. Payara Micro offers a simplified solution that can streamline deployment, adoption and testing. Here we cover how to take advantage of Payara Micro and its benefits

🔗 Connecting to Instaclustr Managed PostgreSQL® and Apache Kafka® In this blog post from Paul Brebner, you can learn how to spin-up and configure some potentially useful Instaclustr technologies for Jakarta EE applications using Instaclustr’s managed PostgreSQL Database and Apache Kafka from Payara Cloud. 

🔎 Detect Slow SQL Queries With Payara Slow SQL Logger Wondering how you can detect and analyze slow SQL queries to safeguard your application's performance, save on infrastructure costs, and create a smoother, more satisfying user experience? We cover how to do this with Payara Server here

✅ Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment for Jakarta EE Applications Made Easy We created a demo to show you different Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) alternatives available, what they can offer as well as guide you through how you can implement them.

This Month's Podcasts and Webinars

💻 Jakarta EE: Powering Mass Productivity in Enterprise Java Development This webinar highlights the productivity advantages that Jakarta EE brings to developers in the enterprise Java domain.

💻Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment - JakartaOne 2023 This webinar guides you in the integration and deployment of Jakarta EE application, presenting different alternatives.

🎙️ Jakarta EE Application Development - Payara Podcast Episode 5 Listen to our latest podcast episode featuring the leading software architect, designer and developer David Heffelfinger. Together, we discuss his latest book and share valuable insights on Jakarta EE application development and how it has changed over the years. 

Guides of the Month

  1. J2EE to Jakarta EE: Chronicles of Java’s Enterprise Evolution

  2. A Quick Guide To Dynamic Queries with Jakarta Persistence

This Month's Releases

Payara's engineering team is thrilled to announce the new release of the Payara Platform for 2024. Packed with improvements, bug fixes, and component upgrades that deliver greater reliability for your Jakarta EE workloads, the new release can offer:

  • Enhanced Configuration Flexibility: Felix, the underlying OSGi framework, gains more control in system package selection, streamlining configuration and reducing potential conflicts.
  • Improved Deployment Experience: Resolved an issue where temporary files could linger after deployments, ensuring a clean and tidy environment.
  • Reliable Restarts: Standalone instances now behave as expected during restarts, guaranteeing your applications stay up and running without manual intervention.
  • Component Upgrades: A number of underlying components have been upgraded to their latest versions, providing the most up-to-date features, security patches, and performance boosts.

Explore, innovate, and elevate your Java development with Payara Platform!


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Hackathon participants: Remember to submit you Jakarta EE applications by the end of March!


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