The Payara Monthly Catch

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Greetings Payara Community! Enjoy our favourite bits we gathered in our monthly catch for January.

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🔒 Secure Your Java Applications with Passay: In a digital age where data breaches are prevalent, securing your applications is paramount. Explore Passay, a Java password generation and policy management library, in our blog post to fortify the security layer of your Java applications.

🤔 You Might Not Need Kubernetes. Or Containers. Is Kubernetes a must for your environment, or just another 'new and shiny' object? Dive into our blog to evaluate whether Kubernetes is genuinely indispensable for your development scenarios.

🚀 Jakarta EE: Powering Mass Productivity in Enterprise Java Development Watch our latest on-demand webinar: "Jakarta EE: Powering Mass Productivity in Enterprise Java Development." Discover the productivity advantages that Jakarta EE brings to developers in the enterprise Java domain.

How Fast Can You Java? Gunnar Morling, Software Engineer at Decodable, presents the Java warmup game - the One Billion Row Challenge. Test and prove how fast Java can execute your code!

🔄 Payara Micro vs. Payara Server: When to Use What? Navigate the Payara Platform with insights into when to use Payara Micro and Payara Server for your enterprise Java development needs.

🚀 What’s new with MicroProfile 6.1? Stay updated on the latest with MicroProfile 6.1 in the ever-evolving Payara ecosystem.

🗺️ Payara Platform Roadmap 2024 Reflect on 2023 and explore what to expect from Payara in 2024. From Java 21 compatibility to Jakarta EE 11 support, uncover the future of Payara Community, Enterprise, and Payara Cloud.

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🎙️ Innovative Concurrency: Mastering Jakarta EE with Java 21's Virtual Threads - Webinar Recording Unleash the power of concurrency in your Jakarta EE applications with virtual threads in Java 21. Watch our hands-on webinar to explore multi-threaded programming on the Payara Platform.

🎙️ Let's Write History with Code! - Payara Podcast Episode 4 Tune in to our podcast episode featuring Otavio Santana, a passionate architect and software engineer, recognized for his contributions to the Java and open source ecosystem.

Guides of the Month

  1. Jakarta EE 11: Beyond the Era of Java EE - Payara Server Resource

  2. Securing REST Web Services on Payara Server with Jakarta Security and OIDC - Payara Server Resource

This Months Releases

As we usher in the new year, Payara Engineering is thrilled to announce the first release of the Payara Platform for 2024. Packed with enhancements, security fixes, and bug fixes, this release ensures a robust and efficient environment for your mission-critical workloads.

Payara Enterprise 6.10.0 Highlights:

  • 2 Improvements
  • 4 Bug Fixes
  • 10 Component Upgrades
  • 2 Security Fixes

Payara Community 6.2024.1 Highlights:

  • 2 Improvements
  • 4 Bug Fixes
  • 10 Component Upgrades
  • 2 Security Fixes

Explore, innovate, and elevate your Java development with Payara Platform!

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