What's New in the September 2023 Payara Platform Release?

Photo of Luqman Saeed by Luqman Saeed

We are excited to announce the latest releases of the Payara Platform: Enterprise 6.6.0 and Community 6.2023.9. Payara Platform Enterprise 6.6.0 comes with 2 security fixes, 2 bug fixes, 5 component upgrades and 3 improvements. Payara Platform Community 6.2023.9 also comes with 2 security fixes, 2 bug fixes, 5 component upgrades, and 3 improvements. 

For Payara Enterprise users, Payara Platform 5 is still updated! Payara Platform Enterprise 5.55.0 is out this month. 

Key Improvements in Enterprise 6.6.0

Obsolete EJBContext Methods Removed: Thanks to a Community Contribution from Eirik Bjorsnos,outdated methods in the EJBContext have been removed.

Hazelcast Session Key Adjustments: Another Community Contribution, this time from Lenny Primak, led to tweaks in Hazelcast session key management, improving monitoring capabilities.

Java Base Opens: Additions have been made to open modules on java.base/java.io and java.base/jdk.internal.misc.

If you want to join Eirik and Lenny and contribute to Payara Platform, find us on GitHubhere!

Notable Changes in Community 6.2023.9

Obsolete EJBContext Methods Removed: Similar to the Enterprise version, this release also removes outdated EJBContext methods.

Improved Hazelcast CP Subsystem Integration: The integration behaviour of the Hazelcast CP subsystem has been enhanced, thanks to Community Contributions.

Why Upgrade?

Upgrading to these latest versions provides not only new features but also optimizations that improve the performance and reliability of your Jakarta EE applications.

We also have a few tools to make upgrading easier:

With Payara Enterprise, you can use theUpgrade Tool. If an issue is detected with the upgraded version of Payara Server, the Upgrade Tool also restores the domain configuration from the backup using the rollback-server command. You can also engage with yoursupportdirect from our engineers if you have questions or issues relating to the upgrade. 

In Community and Enterprise, you can also try our Upgrade Advisor Tool. The Payara Upgrade Advisor Tool is a Maven Plugin utility tool that offers advice about specific changes introduced in Jakarta EE 10 that can impact Java EE 8 or Jakarta EE 9 applications. The upgrade advisor will scan your project and identify API changes in Jakarta EE 10 that can impact any part of your application. Find out morehere.


The latest releases of the Payara Platform, Enterprise 6.6.0 and Community 6.2023.9, offer a multitude of improvements and support for the latest Jakarta EE and MicroProfile APIs. The active Community Contributions make these releases even more robust and feature-rich. Upgrade now to take advantage of these new capabilities.

Release Notes

Payara Platform Enterprise 6.6.0 and Payara Platform Enterprise Edition 5.55.0 (Try for freehere)

Payara Community 6.2023.9 (downloadhere)

See a more detailed overview of the fixes and improvements in the Release Notes: