What's New in the October 2023 Payara Platform Release?

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As the leaves take on a golden hue and the cool breeze of October sets in, we're thrilled to bring to the table the latest iteration of the Payara Platform. The October 2023 release features 3 bug fixes, 9 component upgrades, 1 security fix and 1 improvement for Payara Enterprise 6.7.0. Payara Community 6.2023.10 also features 4 bug fixes, 9 component upgrades, 1 security fix and 1 improvement.

You may notice, there is no Community Payara Platform 5 release. If you wish to keep using Jakarta EE 8 and earlier, you must move to Payara Enterprise. This is where Payara Platform 5 is still updated! Payara Platform Enterprise 5.56.0 is out this month. Request a free trial.

Noteworthy Improvements

  • A handy --timeout argument has been introduced to the start-domain command, offering more control over timeout settings during domain startup. 

Security Fixes

  • Security is a priority, and in this release, we've addressed a vulnerability by upgrading json-smart to version 2.4.11 in OIDC Client. 

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed an issue where useBundledJsf didn’t remove the old JSF from the classpath entirely. 
  • Rectified missing --add-opens in Payara Micro and several other bugs enhancing the overall usability and stability of the platform. 

Component Upgrades

  • A series of component upgrades including, but not limited to, JBoss Classfilewriter, Jakarta Batch API, Jakarta EJB API, and Tyrus, have been incorporated to keep the platform updated with the latest stable libraries. 

Community Contributions

We're grateful for the community's contribution - special shoutout toCtabinfor helping us update ASM to version 9.6. 

This release is a testament to our goal of continually enhancing the Payara Platform to meet your evolving modern enterprise Java development needs. Want to get involved? Contribute via GitHub.

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Downloads and Release Notes

Payara Platform Enterprise 6.7.0 and Payara Platform Enterprise Edition 5.56.0 (Try for freehere)

Payara Community 6.2023.10 (downloadhere)

See a more detailed overview of the fixes and improvements in the Release Notes: