What's New in the June 2022 Payara Platform Release?

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The June 2022 Payara Platform release is here! This is an Enterprise-only release, with Payara Platform Enterprise 5.40.0 bringing 3 bug fixes, 1 component upgrade, and 2 improvements.

 We have also made significant improvements to our product documentation on GitHub, for both Enterprise and Community, aiming to create the best developer experience possible for those using the Payara Platform! Read more below.

You can request Payara Platform Enterprise 5.40.0here.   

You can download the latest Payara Platform Community version 5.2022.2here.

Please note:  Payara 5 Community will soon be replaced by Payara 6 Community, meaning Payara  Community will only runJakarta EE10 applications. If you want to keep using earlier Java EE/Jakarta EE versions - we encourage you to move to Payara 5 Enterprise. Find out more:

Find Out More About Payara 6

Documentation Improvements for Enterprise and Community 

 We listened to feedback on our PayaraCommunity Surveysand have made our officialGitHub Documentationeasier to read and work with. 

Enterprise and Community are now generated from a single repository, and the layout and structure have been reorganized to be easier to read. Sections have been better categorized, so content should be easier to navigate to. Page titles and naming conventions have been consolidated and simplified, and any information that is redundant has been removed.

We want everyone to be able to use Payara Platform easily and efficiently, and hope these changes will improve your experience! Please feedback your thoughts on ourPayara Forum.

Enhancements to Jakarta Concurrency

Jakarta Concurrency is theJakarta EEspecification that deals with sustaining contexts when moving between different threads. Our CEO and FounderSteve Millidgeisproject lead of this specification. 

This release backports features introduced in Jakarta EE 10, tested in the alpha version ofPayara 6 Community.These changes increase the functionality of the Managed Executor Service. 

Payara-resources.xml already allowed several differerent types of resources to be defined within it. Now, ManagedExecutorServices is one of them.This allows you to create concurrent ManagedExecutor resources automatically when the .ear or .jar that needs them is deployed. 

Changes For Increased Security and Stability

AsPayara Enterprise customers use Payara Platform for mission critical applications, it is vital that anything that could slow down the application or cause errors is fixed.

This month, this includes a fix for a connection that would close prematurely on HTTP / 2 HTTPS connections if the request was taking too long.  CDI Annotation scan speed has also been improved, there are several bug fixes and the componentSmackhas been updated.  

Payara 5 Enterprise = Benefit From Jakarta EE 10 Backports!

You will see above that an improvement in Jakarta EE 10 can be backported to work for Jakarta EE 8 for Enterprise users. Now that Payara 6 Community will run only with Jakarta EE 10, there will be no more Jakarta EE 10 improvements backported for earlier Jakarta EE versions, unless you move to Payara Enterprise! 

You can see how Enterprise users are able to use exciting new features developed for Jakarta EE 10 but in older versions of Jakarta EE. This way you can save time migrating to new versions of Jakarta EE but enjoy their benefits, having your cake and eating it!

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Webinar Move Your GlassFish Upstream: What You Need to Know About Migration

If you are reading this, it is likely you are already using Payara Platform - but if you still have applications or projects in GlassFish, or know people who do, it's time to make the change. 

Join our CEO and Founder Steve Millidge on July 20, 3pm BST.

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Release Notes

The June 2022 Payara Enterprise Release (requesthere) includes 3 bug fixes, 1 component upgrade and 2 improvements.

See a more detailed overview of the fixes and improvements in the Release Notes:

 Payara Platform  Download Here