What’s New In the February 2024 Payara Platform Release

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We are happy to announce the February 2024 release of Payara Platform Enterprise 6.11.0 (request free trial here) and Payara Platform Community 6.2024.2 (download here) are available!

This month's release comes with a number of enhancements, bug fixes, component upgrades, and new capabilities aimed at improving the stability and developer experience of the Payara Platform for you. See below for the details. 

Highlights of This Release

Comprehensive Improvements

This release showcases our commitment to continuous improvement of the Payara Platform, with enhancements that span usability, security, development workflows, and compatibility:

  • Extended System Properties: You can now define system properties exceeding 512 characters through the Admin Console, broadening configuration possibilities.
  • Direct Feedback Link: The Admin Console now includes a direct hyperlink for NPS feedback, making it easy for you to give us feedback to better serve you.
  • Enhanced OpenID Support: Featuring proxy support for the OpenID Security Connector, this release broadens your integration options.
  • DevMode for Payara Micro: Enhancing the developer experience with support for compile, deploy, hot-deploy, and live reload functionalities.
  • Java 21 Support: Payara now compiles on JDK21, ensuring compatibility with the latest Java standards.
  • RHEL with FIPS Support: For our government clients, this release brings support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) with FIPS, enhancing security compliance. We will be publishing a detailed guide on that. Subscribe to be notified.
  • Maven Plugin Improvements: Dev Mode’s fail-safe mechanism in Payara Micro Maven Plugin has been fortified for enhanced reliability.

Resolved Issues

Both editions have addressed critical bugs, including a fix for the false logging of warnings with custom error pages, and for the Community edition, preventing crashes due to FileSystemNotFound in a Spring boot environment.

Component Updates

Docker JDK images have been upgraded across versions 11.0.22, 17.0.10, and 21.0.2, keeping the platform secure and efficient.

Payara Community Contributions

We extend our deepest gratitude to all contributors, especially community members like ctabin, for their dedication to enhancing the Payara Platform.

To Sum Up

This release underscores our commitment to delivering a secure, and developer-friendly platform for your Jakarta EE development. For detailed insights into this release, please take a look at the release notes for Payara Platform Enterprise 6.11.0 and Payara Platform Community 6.2024.2.

Stay connected for future updates of the Payara Platform. Happy Coding!

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