WebLogic to to Payara Server Enterprise Migration Resources

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Migrating from Oracle WebLogic to Payara Server Enterprise 5 is a fairly straightforward process because both servers rely on the Java EE specifications. We strive to make it as painless as possible with our migration resources and guides! 

Planning a Potential Migration

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If you're still in the planning and evaluation stage trying to decide if migrating from WebLogic to Payara Server Enterprise will meet your needs, start with our Why Migrate to the Payara Platformuser guide.

Feel free to share it with the decision makers at your organization to learn why Payara Server Enterprise is the best option for production Jakarta EE (Java EE) applications and learn about the cost advantages of migrating.

You'll probably also be interested in the 6 Reasons to Choose Payara Server Instead of WebLogic blog post.

And maybe you'll want to take a look at the Payara Server Datasheetor learn more about the Development Tools in the Payara Platform.

Additional Features in Payara Server Enterprise That Are Not in WebLogic

Wondering what features you’ll have access to after you migrate to Payara Server? We're glad you asked! If you’re running Oracle WebLogic in production but are unhappy with the irregular releases and component upgrades, or the lack of MicroProfile support –  you might consider migrating from WebLogic to Payara Server Enterprise. Payara Server Enterprise offers monthly releases and component upgrades – as well as natively supported OAuth2/OpenID Connect, support for MicroProfile, and the availability of a microservices distribution (Payara Micro).

Here’s a WebLogic vs. Payara Server Enterprise table for a side-by-side comparison.

WebLogic to Payara Server Enterprise Migration Guides

When you're ready to see what's involved in the actual migration, download a WebLogic to Payara Server Enterprise Migration Guide.  To make the migration process as simple as possible, we've created separate guides to help you whether you're migrating from WebLogic 12R2 to Payara Server Enterprise or WebLogic 14 to Payara Server Enterprise.

Get Help with Your Migration

Not only do we have a growing library of migration resources designed to make the migration process as pain free as possible, but if you plan to use Payara Server in production, you'll want to choose Payara Server Enterprise, which includes Migration & Project Support if you need it. If you need even more hand holding, Payara Enterprise customers can choose to purchase Payara Accelerator consultancy services for a done-for-you migration.

Let us know if there are additional resources that would help you complete a successful migration.