Tooling Enhancements in Payara Enterprise 5.22.0

Photo of Gaurav Gupta by Gaurav Gupta
With the release of Payara Platform Enterprise 5.22.0, we're happy to announce that the Payara Platform officially provides the tooling support for the Intellij IDEA, Apache NetBeans IDE, Eclipse IDE and Visual Studio Code.

Payara Tools for IntelliJ IDEA:

Payara IntelliJ IDEA tool's initial release is out and available on the JetBrains Marketplace and Payara Enterprise repository. Payara IntelliJ IDEA tools provide integration of the Payara Platform Enterprise & Community Editions into the IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate.

If you have not installed yet then press the following button to directly install the Payara Tools in IntelliJ Ultimate:

IntelliJ Marketplace

Payara IntelliJ IDEA tools enables developers to easily configure the Payara Server from IntelliJ IDEA and also provides the support to create and run Payara Micro applications from the IntelliJ IDEA.

Checkout the docs or our blog post for more detailed info and step by step usage instructions.

Payara Tools for Apache NetBeans IDE:

Apache NetBeans IDE provides out-of-the-box support for the Payara Platform. In the upcoming release of Apache NetBeans which is planned to be released in the end of November 2020, we have added the support to download the latest version of Payara Platform from the Apache NetBeans without upgrading the IDE, also fixed the Payara Micro integration issue and removed the derby integration from the Payara Server tools.

Other Minor Releases:

Payara Tools for Eclipse IDE:

Payara Eclipse IDE tools v1.1.0 is also out and available on the Eclipse Marketplace and Payara Enterprise repository with few fixes related to Payara Server startup in the Eclipse IDE.

Payara Micro Maven Tools:

Payara Micro Maven tools v1.3.0 is out and available on the Maven Central and Payara Enterprise repository with the Payara Platform 5.2020.5 default version support and a few fixes for smoother integration with the Apache NetBeans IDE 12.2.

Upcoming Releases:

Payara Tools for Visual Studio Code:

Payara VSCode tools v1.0.0 (stable) will be out soon with regular fixes and application deployment support to the Payara Server remote domain.

Payara Tools for Eclipse IDE:

The next release of Payara Eclipse IDE tools are planned to be available with the Payara Micro support, so developers will be able to create, run and debug Payara Micro maven web applications from the Eclipse IDE.

Payara Tools for IntelliJ IDEA:

Currently, Payara IntelliJ IDEA tools are only available for the IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate Edition due to the dependency on the IntelliJ Enterprise APIs. In the upcoming release, Payara Micro tools support will be available for IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition.

Stay tuned and follow us on @Payara_Fishfor more updates and checkout the Payara Platform tools documentation for more details.