The Payara Monthly Roundup for March 2019

Photo of Jadon Ortlepp by Jadon Ortlepp

Hello and welcome to the first issue of our monthly round up where we feature a curated list of interesting articles and videos created by the community in the last month that we have enjoyed taking in.



10 Essential Tools Every Java Developers Should Know -  Check out the most important tools for a Java developers to learn to improve unit testing, development, deployment, automation, and continuous integration.


Improved Java/Jakarta EE productivity with Adam Bien’s WAD (Watch and Deploy) - An excellent blog by Philip Riecks using Adam Biens Watch and Deploy project to improve development productivity!


Java is Still Free 2.0.3 - An extremely useful and detailed article on the Java and OpenJDK choices, especially regarding commercial support.


The latest Java Magazine issue about Lightweight Frameworks


Eclipse MicroProfile 2.2 Continues Alignment with Java EE 8


Migrating from Oracle WebLogic Server to Payara Server - A new guide showing how the migration from WebLogic to Payara Server can be simple and straightforward, and why its worth doing.


Life Beyond Java 8 - In this article, Trisha Gee takes a look at life since Java 8, how things have changed, and how you should make future release decisions for your projects.


This article by Michael Redlich explores our 2019 Roadmap. Pulling together information from our webinar and multiple articles.


MicroProfile Starter Launched - This blog explores the new MicroProfile Starter that was recently launched. You can use any of the implementations while also generating code examples and learning the features of the specifications quickly.


How Are Your Microservices Talking? - A high-level overview by John Hammink of microservices for those devs new to the subject, covering all the basics like the pub-sub model, async communication, and more.


Alibaba makes their own JDK 8 version open source on github !


Check out these awesome cheat sheets for various Java application servers! Fantastic work by Philip Riecks !


Payara Micro + Oracle JET = Fullstack solution - Part 2: Complete CRUD to the SAKILA database.


Payara Server or Payara Micro? - Edwin Derks looks at both editions and how they are used and what to consider when choosing which is best for your project. 


Jakarta EE 9: Arjan Tijms of explores some of the proposals for future EE releases 


Out-of-Box GlassFish & Payara Clustering - This article by Jelastic CEO Ruslan Synytsky describes how the Glassfish & Payara auto-clustering works, as well as infrastructure topology specifics and the way you can get the appropriate development and production environments up and running inside Jelastic PaaS.


Monitoring HTTP traffic with MicroProfile metrics


Victor Orozco introduces testing with Java EE 8, Arquillian and Payara 5.


In Steve Millidges recent roadmap blog & webinar he indicated some of the priorities we have for Payara Platform 6. This blog expands on those priorities & outlines a general statement of direction.


An alternative approach to EJB remoting using HTTP and JSON - Could potentially be used to access CDI beans remotely as well.


What should developers use? - Java EE, JakartaEE, MicroProfile, or maybe all of them! In this article, Sebastian Daschner goes over the options and explains why a mix of all three is the best of all worlds for resilient, cloud-native apps.


Practical Domain-Driven Design in Enterprise Java - Using JakartaEE , MicroProfile , SpringBoot, and the AXON Framework by Vijay Nair



Payara Platform 191 Release Webinar - We honestly didnt plan the hoody synchronicity.


On Youtube we have found that there is a very strong Spanish community producing videos featuring the Payara Platform. We have collated them together into a playlist,


In this short and practical video. Ondrej Mihalyi shows how to use Payara Server Docker images and how to run Payara Server inside a Docker Container.


We are really enjoying finding all the awesome videos the community has made featuring Payara. In this english general playlist  we have collated over 43 (and growing!)


Troubleshooting JSF + JPA Project Setups in IntelliJ with a Payara Server - How to setup a Java Server Faces (JSF) and Java Persistence API (JPA) project in intellijidea.




Jakarta EE, MicroProfile in the Clouds: Adam Bien talks with Bruno Borges about seamless integration of Java EE with the clouds and serverless programming models


Episode 42 of Off Heap - Where the hosts talked to Mike Milinkovich on the current state of affairs with the EclipseFdn and JakartaEE. A very in-depth interview on the new Spec Process, and what does it mean for the JCP.


Adam Bien interviews Sebastian Daschner and Robert Scholte, talking about Maven.


The 60th episode, signifying 5 years of Adam Biens AirHacks Q&A podcast covering: DB load balancing, Java EE authentication, unikernels, hexagons, pentagons & octagons, lazy serialization, high performance JDBC, JWT, WebStandards & productivity