Payara Monthly Catch: October 2022

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Welcome to our monthly roundup of the best content in the Java, Jakarta EE, DevOps, cloud computing, open source and enterprise software space!

Following the launch ofJakarta EE 10, we're already looking ahead to Jakarta EE 11, with our Payara CEO and Founder Steve Millidge explaining more for the Eclipse Foundationnewsletter.

Two topics continue to be big discussion points in the industry:Project Loomand AOT vs JIT compilation. Find new articles on these in our round up below, as well as security tips,Docker advice,Jakarta EEspecifics and more. 

As well as in-depth dives on specific technologies, this month's newsletter also includes some great general conversations about the community at large. On the beach in Morocco, A N M Bazlur Rahman and Otavio Santana catch up on their careers and open source; Geertjan Wielenga updates Adam Bien on the OpenJDK platformFoojayand its progress; and again, our very own Steve Millidge gives a wider view on how Payara has grown as a company in a new podcast. Explore below. 

We hope there is something for everyone!

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How Microsoft applies Java!- It's been fantastic to see Microsoft's growing commitment to Java, here the team explain how they support & integrate with the language. Great to see Eclipse Foundation on the map. 

Mounting Multiple Volumes on a Docker Container- New Baeldung post! Learn how to mount multiple volumes on a Docker container with the command line & with Docker compose.

Static Factory Methods over Public Constructors in Java: Why and How?- In this blog, Sumon Dey takes you through the steps of creating StaticFactory methods to create objects in Java & show its various advantages.

Am I Testing the Right Way?- What can or should be considered the right size of a unit with regard to what is tested in isolation?Two unit testing approaches explained by Sebastian Konieczek.

10 MORE Common Mistakes Java Developers Make when Writing SQL - Lukas Eder for InfoQ, where the popularity of his last 'Common Mistakes' showed how important SQL is to the professional Java world & how common it is to forget about some basic things!

Reasons to avoid RandomStringUtils for test data generation- There are different data generation methods to use in your tests. You will find out in this blog by Elias Nogueira why RandomStringUtils might not be the best one.

Template Method Pattern in Java?- Template Method Pattern defines a sequence of steps of an algorithm. The subclasses are allowed to override the steps but not allowed to change the sequence.

JIT vs. AOT: How to Pick the Right Approach -  At Payara, we often discuss how AOT compilation isn't right for all - it was the subject of our recent webinar. This article adds to the conversation.

How to Use Java DTOs to Stay Secure- Brian Vermeer on how DTOs are used in modern Java, how your apps can benefit, & how Java DTOs can help you be more secure.

Project Loom: Revolution in Java Concurrency or Obscure Implementation Detail? - Tomasz Nurkiewicz explores what Loom is, how it's implemented, what problems it solves, its shortcomings, and will it make reactive programming obsolete?

Docker: How To Debug Distroless And Slim Containers- Slim/distroless containers often lack much-needed exploration & debugging tools. Ivan Velichko shows 4 different ways to put your debugging tools back into any target container.

Videos & Podcasts

Expert Talk: Cloud Chaos & How Contract Tests Can Help- Holly Cummins and Kevlin Henney discuss hurdles when moving to cloud native & microservices & how contract testing can help. Watch now.

Interview with Otavio Santana- A N M Bazlur Rahman interviews Otavio at Devoxx Morocco! Two Jakarta EE greats together. They discuss careers, Java, & open source.

Must-listen: friend of Payara Geertjan Wielenga talks NetBeans, open source and more with Adam Bien - Geertjan manages top OpenJDK platform Foojay - which Payara is on the advisory board for!

Exceptions in lambdas - In Java, new features are at odds with checked exceptions. This leads to cumbersome code when one integrates legacy code in lambdas. Nicolas Frankel explains how you can combat this.

Applied Domain-Driven Design Blueprints for Jakata EE- You can now watch Reza Rahman at JCON. This session demonstrates first-hand how DDD can be elegantly implemented using Jakarta EE via an open-source project named Cargo Tracker.

Cause of Death: Hibernate- You can now watch Thorben Janssen at JCON. If you've ever wanted to cause a project to fail with the help of Java's most popular OR mapper, you shouldn't miss this talk!

Success & failure stories of Java developers shifting to remote - A open conversation about Java remote development covering best practices.

Where Was Payara This Month?

Our Payara goodie bag (including beach ball!) for new team starters arrived in Turkey, for Elif our new support engineer! Check out ouropen job rolesfor your chance to join our remote work, Queen's Award winning, open source company! elif brighter-1
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Community News

Community Input Is Driving Jakarta EE 11- Our CEO & Founder Steve Millidge looks ahead to Jakarta EE 11 in the latest Eclipse Foundation newsletter. 

Java on VS Code  Update – October 2022 - Nick Zhu provides his regular VS Code update!
This one includes support for the exciting Project Loom virtual threads, part of OpenJDK

Featuring Payara and Payarans

Payara Clustered annotation flies high!- A new Adam Bien podcast sees Lenny Primak (Jakarta EE
expert but also qualified pilot 👨‍✈️) talk about the inner workings of our Clustered annotation - listen now.

New eBook 💥
Options for Serverless in Java, Covers:
💥Function As A Service ( #FAAS )
💥Automated Cloud Provisioning Services
💥Managed Container Services
💥New Options for #JakartaEE Serverless – i.e. Payara Cloud!

Manage cloud tasks in Jakarta EE! - Ivar Grimstad, Jakarta EE Developer Advocate, gives his opinion on Payara Cloud!

Payara Podcast Feature - How did Payara grow from helping when support was dropped for GlassFish, to optimizing Jakarta EE for Rakuten Card, BMW Group, Atos, Fujitsu, & more of the world's biggest companies? Our Founder explains on the Code To Company podcast with Thabang Mashologu.

What is Jakarta EE RPC?- Our new blog explains! Building on the popularity of gRPC - this new(ish) spec will make gRPC easier to use with Jakarta EE! Learn more in our new blog.