Payara Monthly Catch: November 2022

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Welcome to our monthly roundup of the best content in the Java, Jakarta EE, DevOps, cloud computing, open source and enterprise software space!

November was the month we launchedPayara Cloud, our next generation cloud native application server, and it featured in thetech press.

Payara Cloud is our new and unique cloud solution for Jakarta EE, that automates infrastructural aspects of cloud deployment such as provisioning the Jakarta EE runtime, TLS and SSL certificates, the Pod, setting up your containers, and the nightmare of making it all work with Kubernetes...  Some of the Java community have already been offering their thoughts, such asArtur Skowronski, who blogged: Payara Cloud logo

"This kind of approach [Payara Cloud] fits perfectly into the situation where infrastructure vendors are able to provide dedicated services to support Jakarta APIs. I know, today we pack it all in Dockers anyway, but that actually provides an additional layer of indirection over the kind of pure, scalable Serverless platform that Payara promises us. If we additionally look at Application Servers as a runtime environment for applications (which they basically are), the "I throw in a JAR/WAR and forget about my cloud-native application" approach seems all too tempting."

Testing has been a focus this month! Shai Almogwrote about API mocking for Foojay,and we've published abrand new complete guide to testing in Jakarta EE.Payaran Luis also wrotea blog on how to test your applications on Payara Server specifically. 

We also really enjoyedAzul's super thorough guide to Garbage Collection- one of those unique Java quirks you better get to know. 

And we don't like to talk about ourselves too much in these content collections 😉 but we have to mention that the first, stable release ofPayara 6 Community came out in November, meaning you can now use Jakarta EE 10 with PayaraPlatform - we were one of the first implementations where this was possible! 

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How to create SBOMs in Java with Maven and Gradle- Learn how to easily create a software bill of materials for your Java applications! Brian Vermeer tells you more.

Understanding Java’s Project Loom - In this guide, Marco Behler helps you understand what Project Loom is all about & how virtual threads (also called 'fibers') work under the hood.

API Mocking: Essential and Redundant - Is API mocking in unit tests important or does it do nothing? The answer, according to Shai Almog is nuanced, but he argues that we do need to do such tests to reduce daily churn.

What’s New in Jakarta Persistence 3.1 By Examples - Hantsy provides real examples using Jakarta EE and Hibernate in this useful blog.

♻The Garbage Collector is a crucial part of the JVM & separates Java from many other programming languages. In thisin-depth article, different experts offer their advice - it really is comprehensive!

Top performing post of the month! Like an enum, a record is a restricted form of a class. It’s ideal for "plain data carriers," classes that contain data not meant to be altered & only the most fundamental methods. Watch this new, concise tutorialon records & sealed classes.

For Foojay, Nicolas Frankelshows youhow you can use PostgreSQL to simplify writing REST APIs! 

A Maven starter for Jakarta EE projects- Francesco Marchioni teaches you how to kickstart a simple Jakarta EE project using a Maven archetype that includes the basic building blocks for developing an application.

Videos & Podcasts

What You Need to Know About Java Text Blocks - In this informative video, only just over 10 minutes, Sebastian Daschner explains what you need to know about Java Text Blocks (JEP 378), how to use them, & why you should care. 

Mother Nature vs Java - the security face off - Which has better security defenses - Nature or
Java? Grace Jansen and Steve Poole fight it out at JCON conference in this left-field look at Java security.

Foojay Podcast #7: Security in Java -- what do we need to know? - Security experts Steve Poole, Brian Vermeer and "vixentael" speak to Erik Costlow on the latest Foojay podcast!

New attacks to be aware of, the fundamentals you need to know & moving towards smaller, faster cloud deployments -Rafael del Nero interviews Java Champion Stephen Chin- on a beach in Morocco! Watch out for the camel 🐫

What the CRaC - Lightning fast JVM startup- CRaC is a key part of the JIT vs AOT compilation debate - one that Payara has weighed in on!

Where Was Payara This Month?

We had our quarterly company conference Virtual Payara Day! Here are some of our remote-first team joining from their home countries, with pets too! 

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Community News

Jersey 3.1.0 is here!- Compatible with Jakarta REST 3.1, it brings features related to the latest
Jakarta EE, some non-Jakarta EE features, & some old functionality returned. Jan Supol explains more. 

Payara Cloud is now on Azure Marketplace! - Find our serverless Jakarta EE platform there, along with useful resources, training videos & guides.

Reza Rahman provides his roundup of EclipseCon 2022!- Must view slides here for Jakarta EE and MicroProfile developers, see our CEO's talk on Jakarta Concurrency also included.

Two million Java developers on Visual Studio Code! - Nick Zhu provides a November 2022 VSCode Update

Featuring Payara and Payarans

An example in Spanish using Payara 6 Community - Probando PayaraMicro Payara Micro 6.2022.1 Jakarta EE 10 con Jmoordb-core - Thank you Java Champion Aristides Villarreal for using Payara 6.2022.1 in a blog example.

"The super #GlassFish is Payara." 🦸‍♀️🐟 Now that's a superhero film we'd like to see! Thank you
Adam Bien for the mention in his AirHacks podcast - find it at 24 minutes.

"...pure, scalable Serverless platform that Payara promises us."- Artur Skowronski on Payara Cloud!
Payara Cloud "makes a lot of sense & fits well with the history of the platform Jakarta EE. Read his full thoughts. 

Payara Launches Payara Cloud - Serverless Approach for Jakarta EE -  You can now use our cloud platformto complete all your YAML, build your container images, create a pod, deploy it on Kubernetes & more! 

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