The Payara Monthly Catch: November 2021

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Welcome to a winter edition of our Payara Monthly Catch, where we pick the best articles, videos, podcasts and news stories from the month, from the world of Java and Jakarta EE. 

We were pleased this month to hear ofMicrosoft'scontinued commitment to Java. The Tech 'Big Five' giant signed the Java Specification Participation Agreement to join the Java Community Process, the governing body that oversees the maintenance and advancement of the Java platform. In short - Microsoft is championing its Java users and shaping the future of the language! 

This is in line withAzure, Microsoft's cloud platform, working well withJakarta EEand Payara Platform, and Microsoft even producingan official best practice guide for running Payara Micro on Azure Kubernetes Service earlier this year. Microsoft are also building theirown OpenJDK implementation and joined theEclipse Foundation as a Strategic Member, demonstrating a commitment to open source Java projects. 

Payara added our own news to the Java ecosystem too. Payara Community Edition can now run on the Java 17! Our engineers are still working hard to iron out any cracks and create a product fit for use in mission-critical systems, ensuring Enterprise customers will get the very best in stability and security with this new Long Term Supported (LTS) release. 

Read more about these two major news events below, as well as a selection of the best content from the world of Java, cloud computing, DevOps & more!

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Java: Runnable vs Callable - Harsha Codes takes you through these two different approaches to handling threads in Java. Read the concise & informative blog here.

How to use TreeSet in Java? SortedSet Example Tutorial - New Javinpaul article about this method, which uses ascending order, as opposted to Hashset , which uses shuffled order. 

Streams Set Distinct Java Code Quiz - Looking for a challenge? New Rafael del Nero Java challenge on Foojay - demonstrating how Streams & Set Collection Factory methods with Java make code easier to read & maintain.

Enterprise Application Security Best Practices - This Vaadin blog provides 5 top tips to avoid cyber attacks on your organisation - from regular code reviews to adopting the OWASP top 10. 

Java LTS - perspective of a library author - This considered piece by Emmanuel Bernard maps out difficulties moving between Java versions. With such an interconnected complex ecosystem, upgrades depend on other libraries upgrading too. Food for thought!

Mixing Inheritance Mapping Strategies with Hibernate by Thorben Janssen - Hibernate doesn't support a mix of inheritance mappings strategies within the same inheritance hierarchy. But there is a different mapping you can use. 

JPA query methods: influence on performance - A technical & useful study of methods to select data from the database, & how these methods impact on performance - comparing native SQL , Hibernate & more. Read here. 

GC progress from OpenJDK 8 to JDK 17 - Stefan Johansson focuses on the improvements in the area of garbage collection - to throughput, latency, footprint & more. Conclusion: consider upgrading!

To Threadfinity and beyond?! - Java Thread Programming: Can you create as many threads as you want? Today on Foojay the next in A N M Bazlur Rahman's useful series on Java threads . It's not a clear yes or no... 

5 Mundane Java Performance Tips - Richard Startin provides 5 tips to avoid making software written in Java slower - based on common mistakes he's seen in code review . Make sure you aren't falling into any traps!

Java on VS Code Update – October 2021- Are you using VS Code as your IDE of choice - with our Payara plugin? Nick Zhu details improvements.

Payara Forum: Problem Solved! 

We will be celebrating an excellent answer each month on our Payara Forum: where the rich and vibrant Payara Platform community can help each other out, have discussions and look for solutions.

Ralph Soikaasked how to deploy his Jakarta EE application on Payara Micro using Docker. He'd come into problems with a vendor independent database. 

Forum userCharlee Ch. helped him out with this answer:

charlie chIt's great to see our community thriving, helping each other out on smaller projects - but remember, if you are running Payara Server in production, Payara Enterprise will give you access to the most secure version of the Server and guaranteed responses directly from our engineers.

Cartoon of the Month 

Java isn't going anywhere! Thank you DZone for sharing or the comic.

java code

Videos & Podcasts

Single-threaded & Same-threaded designs - More useful Jakarta Concurrency content! Jakob Jenkov discusses single-threaded & same-threaded designs, where resources & business logic are only called by a single or the same thread, to reduce concurrency issues.

Long live the Monolith! - At Payara, we are big believers in 'right problem, right solution'. It's not a case of microservices > monolithic but what works for your business specifically.
Battle of the IDEs: IntelliJ IDEA vs VS Code for Java 17 - Arto Santala compares the 2 IDEs - both of which can be used with Payara Platform & have specific plugins ( IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate must be used). Watch now.
The Endless Loop of Frustration and Challenge - New Adam Bien blog with Nicolai Parlog! Covers math, temporal logic & cutting edge Java, listen now.
VIDEO: The Future is Now (Payara Cloud) - Adam  Bien also explored possibilities of Payara Cloud in his recent talk for the 2021 J4K conference! "My application uploaded to the Payara cluster - Payara manages  Kubernetes for me!" he says.
Eclipse Java IDE Tips & Tricks! - You can use the Eclipse Plugin for the Payara Server within this IDE. Lakshmi P Shanmugam maps out noteworthy features in this talk.
We love the IntelliJ JetBrains Coffee Club! - This week's topic was mentorship & sponsorship with
Dalia Abo Sheasha and Helen Scott joined by Angie Jones and Marco Behler.
97 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know- with Trisha Gee & Kevlin Henney at Codecamp Romania. See if you agree with Trisha & Kelvin's views.

Community News

Microsoft Deepens Investments in Java - Bruno Borges shares that Microsoft has joined the Java Community Process! With VS Code & Azure supporting Java as well as Payara specifically, this continued commitment is great news.

Announcing: Payara Server Community Edition runs on JDK 17 - This is one of 11 improvements, 6 bug fixes & 11 component upgrades in this latest Community release.
We released our October Payara Platform Survey - Want to find out our vital stats? 68% of survey respondents extremely likely to recommed us, migrations from WebLogic are increasing, 52% of respondents are using OpenJDK 11, 14% using or planning to migrate to Java 17.

Featuring Payarans!

Great to see our CEO & Founder Steve Millidge featured in Eugen (Baeldung)'s Java Weekly! -
Steve's blog on the Jakarta Concurrency specification - what it does, how it is set to progress for
Jakarta EE 10 - can be found in Eugen's list of blogs to read.

Get logged-in user info in Jakarta EE by Payara's Ondro Mihályi! - The Jakarta EE security situation has greatly improved since Java EE 8 & the unification of the Security API - however, in rare instances, you may need to use another API.