The Payara Monthly Catch: May 2022

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We provide our selection of the best Java and Jakarta EE tutorials, videos, podcasts, blogs and news from the month of May! We also pick the best content we've found from the worlds of DevOps, cloud computing and open source. This is a carefully curated reading list, specially selected for our specific Enterprise Java niche. 

This month, we headed toDevoxx UK in London, one of Team Payara's first in-person conferences in a while! It was a great opportunity to connect with those who useJakarta EE(and Payara!) face-to-face, find out what is engaging and bothering our users - and learn more about the industry. Find our pick of the most relevant talks in this roundup. We'll also be atJNationin Portugal on June 7, so please do say hello if you see us there.

It is an exciting time for our community, as the coming month, June 2022, will see the launch ofJakarta EE 10. Project Loom JEP is also targeted for Open JDK 19, bringing much anticipated virtual threading. We've collated some informative articles on this below.

TheNew RelicState of Java ecosystem report also came out this month, revealing the growth of Azuland EclipseAdoptiumin theOpenJDKDistribution Market. We also include lots of other OpenJDK, Azul and Eclipse content below - supporting innovation as the Java and Jakarta EE universe continues to evolve and expand!

Remember: with Jakarta EE 10, Payara Community will no longer be supporting Jakarta EE 8, so plan ahead - will you move to Jakarta EE 10 with Payara Community or choose to invest in Enterprise? Find out Catch Social Media

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6 Process Documentation Mistakes Developers Should Avoid - As open source software providers, we care about documentation, both our own & that of our integrated technologies. Gaurav Belani
provides tips.

Jfokus 2022- Ivar Grimstad reports on an excellent Java conference hosted by Mattias Karlsson! Catch up on Ivar's talk 'Get ready for Jakarta EE 10' & more.

Zero-Trust: Examining Security Practices for Kubernetes - In this article, Kyle Hunter explores how users can secure Kubernetes by discussing the four essential pillars for secure access to K8s.

Distinct Queries in HQL- This article is is a quick & practical guide to distinct queries in Hibernate Query Language. Check it out.

Using Java Project Loom to build more reliable distributed systems- Multithreading is coming!
James Baker explores using Jepsen or FoundationDB for testing.

11 Puzzles from OpenJDK 11- Hanno Embregts on Java Certification at Devoxx UK. Hanno shared 11 "crazy things" he learned - lots of useful top tips here.

Getting More Mileage Out of Apache Kafka: OpenJDK vs. Azul Prime - John Ceccarelli for Foojay explains how Azul Platform Prime can help you get more out of Apache Kafka - remember, you can use both JDK implementations & Kafka with Payara.

A Recipe to Migrate & Scale Monoliths in the Cloud- Luciano Mammino, on going cloud native using a cloud provider like AWS Cloud. 

Chopping the Monolith: The Demo- Nicolas Frankel follows up on his previous article on selective use of microservices with the code to back it up. 

Java Data Access Technology Survey Results- Vlad Mihalcea reports on the findings of Josh Long's 
poll - JPA & Hibernate are still the most popular tools! 

Introduction to JVM and JVM languages - Interested in a refresher on Java Virtual Machine? - Try this article.

Videos & Podcasts

Serverless Caches, JPA, JWT, SOAP deprecation, JSF performance,PostgreSQL clusters - Some of the topics covered in the 98th AirHacks podcast by Adam Bien. 

Maven Tutorial - Nice & Easy- Marco Behler tells you how to use Maven - using IntelliJ IDEA IDE too. A thorough tutorial!

WHEN and NULL In Pattern Matching - Inside Java Newscast #24 - JEP 427 proposes two changes to pattern matching in switch - Nicolai Parlog looks at these changes in this concise 6 minute video. Watch now!

Textual Sentiment Analysis with Java 17 using a Deep Learning model Core - A fun project from Arto Santala - using Stanford NLP in Java 17 to gain insights.

Security ownership & culture- DevSecOps podcast 'The Secure Dev', powered by Snyk,  where the Chief Security Officer of Highspot discusses why taking ownership is more important than having all the information, what has changed in SaaS & more.

Cloud Native Compiler: JIT-as-a-Service- Simon Ritter explains how Azul are working to move the JIT compiler into a centralized service that can be shared by many JVMs, at Devoxx UK.

Deserialization exploits in Java: why should I care? - Snyk's Brian Vermeer explains why hackers refer to deserialisation in Java as the gift that keeps on giving - & how you can avoid issues. Watch his informative Devoxx UK talk. 

Innovation, Clouds, Kubernetes, Standards, GlassFish and of course Jakarta EE!- New Adam Bien
podcast features Víctor Orozco, a Java Champion who often uses Payara in his examples! Listen now.

Where Is the Payara Fish This Month? Devoxx UK!

We were proud this month to set up our stand at Devoxx UK - look out for us at other Java conferences!
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Community News

The Eclipse Foundation Eclipse Java IDE Working Group Celebrated Its First Anniversary -
You can use Payara with this IDE - Read about its Working Group's first year.

Big news in the latest InfoQ Java roundupby Michael P. Redlich is the exciting news that the Project Loom JEP is targeted for OpenJDK 19! Are you excited for virtual threads ?

Amazon Corretto JVM Memory Issues - A recent move to v2 cgroups by a number of Linux distributions highlights an issue in Amazon Corretto 11 where the JVM process can cause a Docker container to exit with OOMKilled errors. 

VS Code Update – May 2022 - Nick Zhu details improvements in the IDE. 

Azul Announces Global Channel Partner Program- Did you know that Payara is an Azul partner? Payara Enterprise is shipped with Azul Platform Core for Distribution.

Eclipse Foundation unveils Java binaries marketplace- You will be able to access many of the OpenJDK binaries here - including from Microsoft, Azul and Eclipse itself. Paul Krill reports.

Featuring Payara and Payarans!

Configurando IntelliJ IDEA para Jakarta EE 9- New Jakarta EE 9  & Payara Server tutorial for Spanish-speaking users.

Payara Micro Revealed- David R. Heffelfinger - Java Champion, NetBeans Project Management Committee, Jakarta EE consultant - has written a book on Payara Micro! We are offering you a FREE taster chapter, covering setting up your environment. Download now.

New video for Spanish speakers on Jakarta Faces and Jakarta EE 9 - from Diego Silva, also using IntelliJ IDEA.

InfoQ covers the State of the Java Ecosystem report From New Relic- Interesting is growth in certain OpenJDK implementations: AWS Corretto, those offered by Azul, and Adoptium. 

Cloud Native Jakarta EE- Want a definition of cloud native, explanation of how it applies to Jakarta EE, and an introduction to Payara Cloud - all in 15 minutes!? Check out our CTO Steve Millidge at Devoxx UK in one of the handy lunchtime "bitesize" slots.

Ultra-Fast Microservices: MicroStream Meets Payara- Otavio Santana writes about how you can use Payara with Microstream for fast AND stable microservices.