Payara Monthly Catch: March 2023

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Welcome to our March selection of the best blogs, videos, podcasts and tutorials from the world of  Java, Jakarta EE, cloud computing and open source. 

The big news of the month is the release of JDK 20! This won't be supported by Payara Platform, as we only support LTS Java releases - readthis blog to find out why. HOWEVER, it is still very relevant for Payara Platform users, as many of the changes will make their way into the next LTS release in September, JDK 21. We provided in this monthly catch some of our picks of the best articles that explain what Project Loom and Amber changes you can look forward to enjoying in an LTS release by the end of the year. 

Jakarta EE11 is targeted for the first quarter of 2024, six months after JDK 21. Our CEO and Founder Steve Millidgediscussed the improvement work in Jakarta EE 11, which brings in brand-new specifications for the first time - such as Jakarta Config and Jakarta Data - and will leverage the new capabilities of Java 21. 

Finally, MicroProfile6 is now supported in both our Enterprise and Community products - and Jakarta EE 10 hits our Enterprise product, meaning you can use the latest enterprise Java frameworks with production-ready Payara Platform. Read morehere. 

We also held and announced the winner and 2nd and 3rd places of our first ever Payara Hackathon! Congratulations to winner Vivek Ravikumar. 2nd and 3rd place go to Ricardo Ibarra and Jeroen Ninck Blok.

We hope you enjoy our pick of the very best from an exciting month in our Jakarta EE Community!

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Authenticate with OpenID Connect and Apache APISIX- Nicolas Frankel demos how to use OpenID Connect using Google underneath & then switching  to Azure.

How to map composite column types with Hibernate- 6.2 introduced support for composite column types. It only takes 1 mapping annotation to map them to an embeddable. Thorben Janssen shows you how.

Java 20 🥱 - Is Java 20 a boring release asks Nicolai Parlog? Previews of virtual threads, scoped value APIs & more... maybe not! 

Why Java in 2023? - Has there ever been a better time to be a Java programmer? From Jakarta EE 10 to active JUGs, the Java platform is experiencing a renaissance, argues Darcy DeClute.

The Ultimate Guide to Java Virtual Threads - Java 19 brought virtual threads! Riccardo Cardin gives his guide.

Predicting Secure Java Projects on Maven Central-Theresa Mammarella tells you more about Maven so you can maximise security using the open source repository. 

Getting Started with Eclipse Collections- How to add items to and remove items from collections.
Part 2 of Donald Raab's series. 

The Rise of the Serverless Monoliths - David Bottiau adds to the monolith and microservices conversation.

Learn from Java Champion David R. Heffelfinger: Get Your Head in the Cloud with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile- Featuring Payara and Payara Cloud! Expert consultant David Heffelfinger is interviewed about Payara Micro, MicroProfile and how Payara compares to other runtimes. 

Videos & Podcasts

Scalability Architecture: Scaling your Architecture through four steps- In this video, Otavio Santana explores different approaches to building scalable software architecture, including horizontal scaling, vertical scaling & hybrid. Watch now.

Data-Oriented Programming in Java- Gavin Bierman shows you how three recent features—records, sealed classes, and pattern matching—work together to enable a data-oriented style of programming.

From Law Degree to Java Champion-Geertjan Wielenga on the Success of Java & Navigating the Software Industry - A N M Bazlur Rahman interviews the Azul legend.

How to Structure Modern Enterprise Java Projects - Sebastian Daschner has a look at build/JDK modules, technical versus horizontal layering, package structures, screaming architecture, Boundary Control Entity, & test project structures.

Java 20: a faster future is Looming- Marcus Hellberg reports on Java 20's new features & Project Loom.

Debugging on fire 🔥- Adam Bien talks to Shai Almog about his journey to become a Java debugging expert! 

Cartoon of the Month

Benoit Hediardmaking us hungry!

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Community News

Eclipse Java downloads skyrocket- Downloads of the Eclipse Foundation’s Temurin Java SE binaries have more than doubled year over year! 

Java 20 Release! Here's What's New - Though JDK 20 is not a LTS release & therefore won't be supported in Payara, check out what you can expect further down the line as a Java developer. 

Payara New release! Jakarta EE 10 is now supported in our Enterprise product - just in time for you to be able to try it with our new free trial option. Read more in our 'What's New' blog - also covering Community release Payara Platform Community 6.2023.3.

Guides Out This Month! 

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