The Payara Monthly Catch: July 2022

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Every month, in our Payara Monthly Catch, we curate the best content for our audience. 

As our new image illustrates, we find you the 'treasure' from the world of DevOps, Jakarta EE, open source, cloud and MicroProfile. 

This month, we are edging ever closer to theJakarta EE10 release - it was nearly ready for ballot but then pulled back at the last moment. However, asJakarta EEDeveloper Advocate Ivar Grimstad pointed out, this shows the process is working! "The Jakarta EE Working Group does not compromise when it comes to compatibility and quality!"

More good news forJavaand Jakarta EE, is thatMicrosoft joined the MicroProfile Working Group.This is part of its continuing commitment to enterprise Java, and hopefully will result in even more innovation and collaboration in themicroservices-optimised specifications. Good timing - this month we also published an explainer blog, 'What is MicroProfile?'

It's the summer months, meaning many are on holiday in Europe and the US. Use the opportunity to brush up on your knowledge, with tutorials, videos, podcasts and articles this month. We hope you enjoy! 

Also remember, we are still offering free previews to businesses of ourPayara Cloudapplication server - the application server that automates many of the processes involved in running your Jakarta EE applications on the cloud, including provisioning the Jakarta EE runtime, TLS and SSL certificates, the Pod, setting up your containers, and the nightmare of making it all work with Kubernetes…! Sign uphere.

Monthly catch Treasure chest

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How to store text in PostgreSQL: tips, tricks, & traps - Andrey Belyaev shows you how to store a document object with its content in the PostgreSQL database, in this clear & direct blog.

What is a Java Uber-JAR & Why Is It Useful? - Payara's new blog! No-nonsense explanation of what an uber-JAR, also known as a fat JAR or JAR with dependencies, is, different variants & pros & cons.

How to become an OpenSource committer?- Michael Simons tells his story - Payara Platform is an Open Source project & we encourage you to contribute via our GitHub.

Should you use ForEach or InjectInto in Eclipse Collections? - Donald Raab teaches you the patterns for - it will help you to decide which option is best for you in different use cases!

Debugging Gson, Moshi & Jackson JSON Frameworks in Production- Parsing is a major source of production failures. Some are easy to track but some are insidious. Shai Almog tells you how to debug them on the fly!

Secure your web apps with an API Gateway - Nicolas Frankel shows you how to improve the security of your web apps - The correct HTTP response headers can go a long way toward making your webapp more secure.

Abstract classes vs. interfaces in Java- Rafael del Nero explains why you choose an Abstract Class over an interface - with a challenge!

How to effectively compose your business logic- Oskar Dudycz shows you how you can use
Open JDK 17 features, records & event sourcing to improve your business logic. Read this useful article with a hypothetical scenario & code examples.

General Build Distribution: A Game-Changer or a Gimmick? - Kyle Moore helps you understand the performance potential of remote & distributed builds & how to improve build feedback times.

How to generate UUIDs as primary keys with Hibernate- The advantage of a UUID is its (practical) global uniqueness, a huge advantage for distributed systems - Thorben Janssen shows you how Hibernate can generate UUIDs.

Saving Memory In Java: Make The Smallest Footprint- This article in DZone demonstrates four ways to reduce memory usage in Java - which used together reduced the size of the class from 208 bytes to 32, or almost 7 times!

Why DevOps Governance Is Crucial to Enable Developer Velocity - Amir Rozenberg explains why the application environment should be managed centrally by the DevOps team to better track modifications & changes. Compare to your DevOps strategy.

How to Calculate “Time Ago” in Java - On Baeldung, several different solutions, covering Java 7 & Java 8.

JDK 19: New features in Java 19- Java  19 is a non-LTS release so it won't be supported in Payara - but these features will eventually pass into the next LTS release. And we're excited for virtual threading, pattern matching & more!

The best way to map MonetaryAmount with JPA and Hibernate - Here, Vlad Mihalcea tells you how to map MonetaryAmount using Hibernate. 

Videos & Podcasts

What is OpenJDK? - This concise video answers the question, what is OpenJDK , as well as exploring JDK Enhancement Proposals, the Java Community Process, why there are so many JDK providers, & how long-term support works.

The Power of Enum – Take advantage of it to make your code more readable & efficient - Otavio Santana shares how Java allows you to go beyond the classic features of enum & use it for clean code design. 

Launching virtual threads with Project Loom - JEP Café #12 - Enjoy this live demo with Jose Paumard - he teaches you about this exciting new Java 19 feature.

REST in Peace. Long live gRPC! - Have you caught this talk by M.-Leander Reimer at Devoxx UK? 
Payara offers use of both REST & gRPC.

VSCode IDE Advanced Custom Snippets- Arto Santala shows you how to boost your productivity with Visual Studio Code - going a bit deeper into VS Code snippets & displaying some nice tricks. Watch now!

Deserialization exploits in Java : why should I care? - Brian Vermeer's informative talk
Devoxx UK. Watch now.

Best Cloud Computing Programming Languages of Today - Darcy DeClute chooses Java
for serverside programming: "Java is like the swiss-army knife of programming languages." Yet she recommends Python for data science & AI - do you agree?

Java Modules in Real Life - Nicolai Parlog answers your questions about using modules in this
IntelliJ IDEA webinar - Maven offers 4,200 modules, what to do with them?

Where Was Payara This Month? 

We were atJBCNin sunny Barcelona - did you see us? We shared theEclipse Foundationbooth. Make sure you are following us onInstagramandTikTok for all the behind the scenes conference action:

HubSpot Video

Community News

Java on Azure Tooling Update – July 2022- Java at Microsoft updates on the brand new getting started experience on the Azure toolkit for Jetbrains IntelliJ IDEA & added support for Managed Identity Authentication. 💪

Foojay Status Report: January – June 2022- It's great to see that Foojay is growing - Payara are proud to be members of the advisory board, helping Geertjan Wielenga & team boost the OpenJDK
community with resources!

Announcing: Payara Sponsors London Java Community- the largest JUG in the UK! - Their support of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile makes this the perfect fit. Read the blog to hear from LJC Founder
Barry Cranford on why the partnership makes sense.

Java on VS Code - Update – July 2022- Nick Zhu tells you what's new in VS Code for this month. Project Lombok support & user experience improvements. Read more.

Featuring Payara and Payarans!

New Víctor Orozco video for our Spanish speaking audience! - Empaquetando aplicaciones Java Jakarta EE .war y PostgreSQL 14 con Docker

Congratulations Adam Bien on the 100th AirHacks! - In it, a user asked about the best way to use Hibernate & Payara - we have arecent blog that explains how.

Download our new free eBook! We bust myths about open source-It's NOT just small companies that use it! - It can actually be MORE secure than proprietary software. See what you think.