The Payara Monthly Catch: July 2021

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Welcome to our July Payara Monthly Catch - a collection of articles, videos & podcasts around Java, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, open source and cloud computing. This month, the list mixes up quirky content you may not have seen - weird programming facts, tips on using the Snowflake Database - to insight from some of the most esteemed experts in the industry. Payara Platform has also been appearing all over the web, as influencers and our community use it in demos and discuss our products in conferences. Find out where Payara can be found across external blogs, conferences and media outlets in our 'Featuring Payara and Payarans' section.

On the internal news side, we announced that Payara Server Community 6.2021.1.Alpha1 is now a Certified Jakarta EE 9.1 9.1 (Full Profile) Compatible Product! Even though we aren't encouraging users to run Payara Server 6 in production yet - you can achieve the same result, migrating to Java SE 11, in Payara Server 5 - this is important news in the journey of Payara Platform products alongside Jakarta EE.

We also published a full summary of what we got up to for our annual team-bonding company event, Payara Week - from chocolate Payara fishes to cocktail making challenges, open source business model learning to daily workshops. Make sure you read ithere! You can also watch videos from our summer webinar series, 'Dismiss the Myths: Get to know Java EE / Jakarta EE'here - the second half of the sessions took place this month.

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Soprano of Nullable - Java challenge on  Foojay, it is time for another challenge from Rafael del Nero! This looks at how since Java 9 it has been possible to use Optional with a Stream to manipulate values from a List.  

4 Common Software Security Development Issues & How to Fix Them - Tim Jarrett discusses the importance of protecting your software against cyber attacks & examines 4 software security development issues & how to address them.
We Crunched 1 Billion Java Logged Errors - Here’s What Causes 97% of Them - OverOps analyzed over 1000 Java applications to find what the most common errors were: NullPointerException featured highly!
"PostgreSQL has reached every part of industry & every part of government" - JAX Enter talked to Robert Treat, Technical Fellow at Instaclustr about PostGreSQL & what open source technologies it pairs well with (you could add Payara to the list!)

Visitor Pattern Considered Pointless: Use Pattern Switches Instead - Nicolai Parlog explains how in modern Java the visitor pattern is no longer needed. Using sealed types & switches with pattern matching achieves the same goals with less code & complexity.
Kubernetes Network Policies for Isolating Namespaces - Ashish Choudhary on how namespaces can achieve segregation among different teams/applications, in turn improving security, as the impact of breaches is restricted to the namespace
How Are Zoom, Spotify, ect  Slashing Their Cloud Costs by Millions? - DZone reports on how some of the world's biggest companies are cutting costs through innovation. For example, using Segment and NodeJS to validate incoming messages.

Comprehensive Guide to Java String Format in 2021 - For DZone, Justin Albano covers the basics of formatting strings in Java - it can seem overwhelming, but it's simpler than it looks!

History of Infra as Code -This InfoQ article takes a leap down memory lane - covering IaaS, PaaS Configuration, Docker & serverless.

Weird Programming Facts #1 - It's history lesson time with Dave Thomas - as he looks back to the 1960s and paper tape.

Where Is The Payara Fish This Month? 

Team Payara likes to say thank you to our customers & GitHub contributors! T-shirts, stickers & pens were sent to Miami, Budapest, New York, Berlin & more this month: 

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Videos & Podcasts

Are cloud native & Kubernetes the same nowadays? - Lars Jensen, Kaspar Nissen,Frederik Mogensen & Lasse Højgaard discuss on the GOTO podcast. Are these ecosystems one and same nowadays?

Querying a MySQL database using repositories & method expressions- In this concise 8 minute video, Alejandro Duarte shows you how to use query method expressions to define queries in a MySQL database using Jakarta EE, Apache DeltaSpike (Data), and Vaadin.

The first Foojay podcast came out! - Featuring Erik Costlow, Nicolas Frankel, Gerrit Grunwald and Carl Dea - covering the Snyk and Azul Systems Community Survey too. An exciting new listen for the OpenJDK community, we're looking forward to hopefully taking part!

Foojay Podcast #2: Embedded Java - Robots & FX- The next Foojay podcast! Featuring Gluon's Johan Vos, Frank Delporte, Erik Costlow & James Gosling  - they discuss Java on Raspberry Pi, the big topic of Garbage Collectors & more.

Open UK's latest report paints a rosy picture of UK open source adoption- Gareth Halfacree reports. Payara is a proud provider of OSS & we're pleased to read that 48% of companies surveyed increased their use of open source technology in 2020.

Accelerating Enterprise Java workloads on Azure- Reza Rahman explores Azure's efforts to better support migration of Java EE / Jakarta EE apps & discuss what is currently possible & what is coming. 

Adam Bien speaks with Mohamed Taman, who works at Effortel & is one of the Java Champions - they discuss mission critical projects with Java EE/Jakarta EE and MicroProfile. 

Sealed Classes - JEP Café #2- Jose Paumard talks about this additional feature coming from Project Amber - due to arrive in JDK 17 !

From Adopt OpenJDK to Adoptium toward an open Java ecosystem - You can run Payara Platform with Java 8 & Java 11 iterations of this OpenJDK - here Samir Kamerkar & Mark Stoodley discuss its discuss its journey.

DevNation: The Show - Sébastien Blanc, Bruno Souza, & Edson Yanaga are all top Java developers, & here have a more general conversation about Java developer careers, imposter syndrome & using open source to "expand your bubble". Get ready to be inspired!

Featuring Payara & Payarans!

Find CEO and Founder Steve Millidge on p47 - 48 of the latest issue of Tech Reseller magazine! He discusses our Queen's Award win , how Payara Platform caters to the needs of Java developers, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile & more. 

Ask Yourself: Do You Really Need Kubernetes? On Foojay - We're not afraid to question K8s ! Don't assume that because Kubernetes is widely used, it's the best choice! Container orchestration is useful for large companies but not for everyone!

Are Java EE / Jakarta EE Application Servers Heavy? Watch Now! - If you missed the webinar, you can now view on YouTube, alongside the others in the series.

Using SnowflakeDB with Payara Platform - We love seeing our users creating their own blog content to help the community that uses Payara Platform - thank you Abraham González for content on how to use Payara with Snowflake DB. 

Our founder Steve Millidge was interviewed for Business Matters magazine -  He talks about the inspiration behind Payara & more generally about his business inspiration - including his motto: “do stuff and stuff happens” !
Overview of Next Generation Cloud Java Runtimes (Video)- We offered Jakarta EE expert & Java Champion Adam Bien a Payara Cloud trial. He told J4K conference:  “I really like the idea, it's the opposite of where everyone is going with smaller & smaller runtimes." 

New blog featuring Payara Platform by hantsy - Testing Jakarta EE 9 Applications with Arquillian & Payara 6.He takes you through example codes, prerequisites, configuration & more.

Community News

Payara Server Community 6.2021.1.Alpha1 is now a Certified Jakarta EE 9.1 (Full Profile) Compatible Product - Jakarta EE 9.1 adds JDK 11. Note: you've been able to migrate to Java SE 11 in Payara Server 5 for a while!

VS Code Boosts Java Capabilities - Karsten Silz on how Microsoft's "free, cross-platform #IDE has become a more fully-fledged Java IDE". You can start Jakarta EE applications with VS Code using the Payara Server plugin. 

Payara are sponsoring Azure Summit 2021- A week of learning Azure that runs from September 13 - 19 ! We're proud to be involved, find out more & make sure to register. 

Azul Proposes Java State API to Speed App Start-up Times - Java developers contend with long start-up times. Now Azul propose their solution to OpenJDK, Darryl Taft reports.