The Payara Monthly Catch: January 2022

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It's the first month of 2022 and we've already seen some fantastic news, articles, podcasts and videos related to Java, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, cloud programming, DevOps and open source. We've collected some of our favourites in our monthly roundup. 

It's the time to evaluate your practices and look to the year ahead. So expect quite a few 2022 guides and roundups below: fromJava predictions in generalto some much neededsecurity auditing tipsin the wake of the Log4Shell vulnerability. 

There has been a lot of bold content this month, with experts not afraid to challenge commonly held views. For example, Ralph Soika queries if Spring Bootreally is state of the art anymore; Holly Cumminsquestions an indiscriminate approach to cloud native, and our own Rudy De Busscher asks:is Red Hat OpenShift really saving you hassle, or is the vendor lock-in too big a price to pay

This all fits with Payara's attitude of right problem = right solution. It seems the entireJava community is waking up to the fact that buzzwords and exciting tech simplify our view of the Java /Jakarta EE ecosystem, and really it's more about finding what is right for you specifically. If you haven't seen it yet, make sure to watchPayara's take on "Hype-Driven Development", explaining why technology likeKubernetes, reactive programming and Ahead-of-Time Compilation can be overrated and may actually not be right for smaller businesses. 

We've also had some birthdays to celebrate! The Eclipse Foundation- the open source organisation that stewards our core technologyJakarta EEand of which we are a member -turned 18 this month. Happy 21st birthday toIntelliJ IDEA, an IDE Payara is compatible with (we announced our updated plugin, now supporting Version 2021.3 and newer, this month too). Again in the theme of new not always equalling better, the benefits of working with a 26-year-old programming language is an ecosystem of strong, established supporting organisations and technologies: perfect for Enteprises that need stability and security most of all.

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Java 2022: Predictions and Assumptions- Alex Yelenevych provides his opinion on the most important technological changes, growing markets & salaries for Java this year! Keep an eye on China, with Alibaba Cloud & more planning to expand to emerging markets.

Using Hibernate for Object/Relational Mapping?-Thorben Janssen provides his performance tuning tips for 2022. 

Useful & Unknown Java Features- Piotr Mińkowski shares some features you may not have been using including Delay Queue, Stamped Lock & Hex Format. 

Is Spring Boot Still State of the Art? - Short answer from Ralph Soika: No.
"The original advantage of Spring Boot to build a bootable server seems a disadvantage in today’s time of container environments." Instead, choose Jakarta EE with Payara!

Building Stateful Microservices in the Cloud-Native World- Mary Grygleski discusses working with stateless data & serverless systems in a stateful world! She covers many key definitions & concepts for cloud technology.

Developer Security Resolutions for 2022 - Liran Tal for Snyk on 5 steps you can take in the New Year to improve your "DevSecOps"! Are you following these key practices to ensure the security of your application?

2022 Java Developer RoadMap- Javinpaul has updated his Java roadmap! If you follow us, it's likely you are an established Java developer already - do you agree with his key definitions? A useful comprehensive roundup of the terms to know.

Java InfoQ Trends Report - A thorough overview of the Java space right now, as discussed by
Java Champions & editors. What technologies are emerging, beginning to thrive or have reached the mainstream? 

A Tentative Comparison of Fault Tolerance Libraries on the JVM- Nicolas Frankel takes you through fault tolerance for Java & the libraries available - including MicroProfile Fault Tolerance, with the Payara runtime providing its capabilities.

Hashcode & Equals: Debugging & Performance- A Foojay post from last week you may have missed by Shai Almog & why this subject DOES fall under the category of debugging.  

Troubleshooting Microservices: Challenges and Best Practices- We all know using Kubernetes for microservices can be challenging - Brendan Creane on the way to do it right!

Open Source 2022: The Year of Awareness- Javier Perez makes his predictions for the new year - including widespread adoption of Kubernetes & containers, & increasing demand for specifically open source skills. See if you agree.

Maintaining a Medium-Sized Java library in 2022 & Beyond- Michael Simons talks about which JDK he would choose & which build tool (spoiler: it's Maven!) when creating a medium-sized Java project.

The Best Way to Handle Time Zones in a Java Web Application - This Vlad Mihalcea blog, published this week, helps you navigate time zones by splitting the task into three areas: browser, web server & database.

The Truth About Starting with Microservices - Another fair, balanced attitude to monolith vs. microservices - "Blindly, I'd never choose microservices over a monolith" says Arnold Galovics. Consider budget, infrastructure constraints, product's expected first 1-2 years.

Where Is The Payara Fish This Month?  

Do you agree that Payaran Gaurav Gupta spotted a Payara Fish in the sky?
Our photo competitions allow team members all over the world to connect & mean we've always got our eyes out for fishes...

Videos & Podcasts

Ed Burns Talks to Adam Bien About All Things Azure!- They discuss Java at Microsoft, Microsoft joining the Java Community Process, Jakarta EE & MicroProfile servers (like Payara!) on Azure & more.

How Modern SQL Databases Come up with Algorithms that You Would Have Never Dreamed Of - Lukas Eder on benefits & use of this database management language.

Azul Systems, OpenSource, and the Zulu Build of OpenJDK - PlatformSH Deploy Friday welcomed Geertjan Wielenga & Simon Ritter. They discuss Zing, the Azul JDK build (usable with Payara Platform!)

The WatersWorks Podcast: Java is Everywhere! - One thing the Log4J vulnerability taught us: Java is used by more businesses than you may think. John Waters speaks to Heather VanCura for a Java Community Process check-in.

Strategic Monoliths and Microservices, TechLead Journal podcast - "If you are just using architecture as a way to be cool, that's unfair for the organisation that's paying for it." Vaughn Vernon on dispelling hype & arguing for strategic use of architectures. Listen now.

Java 17 Deep Dive Jose Paumard - "The 'next LTS' is like Nessie! Everybody talks about it but nobody knows anything!" Learn more in this 3 hour video, get into it! 

MicroProfile 5.0- Rudy De Busscher announced this month that the MicroProfile 5.0 implementation in Payara 6 is ready, to be released soon! Great timing with this podcast coming out with Emily Jiang and Adam Bien MicroProfile & its relationship with Jakarta EE.

9 Ways to Fail at Cloud Native - "It's important to remember, microservices are not a goal. No client is going to look at your website & say, look at all those microservices." Wise words from Holly Cummins, fitting with our ethos of right technique for use case, not buzzy tech > all !

JDBC Tutorial: Database connections - Alejandro Duarte takes you through key steps in establishing a connection from a Java program to a SQL database using a JDBC driver. A tutorial that will work for many tools, he uses Maven. 

Java in the New York Times! - Did you know: Java was originally called Oak? What would Jakarta EE
have been called - Acorn?! How ‘Java’ Became Coffee’s Nickname and a Programming Language.

Community News

IntelliJ IDEA Plugin Catches Cut'n'Pasted Java Code - Innovation from our friends at JetBrains - if you are using Intelli JIDEA Ultimate with Payara, you might find this open source AntiCopyPaster plugin useful! 

Foojay Status Report: July- Foojay, the platform for OpenJDK developers, has DOUBLED in usage from the first to second half of the year! We're proud to be on its advisory board.

Microsoft's Own OpenJDK on Azure Platform Services- Intended as a drop-in replacement for Azul Zulu, currently used. What do you think? Microsoft's Jason Freeberg provides an update. As providers of support for Azure, we watch this space closely.

Featuring Payara and Payarans!

"GlassFish is maintained because the Payara people are nice. Payara is like GlassFish wihout hundreds of bugs..." - Adam Bien answers a question about GlassFish vs Payara Downwards arrow & advises not to use GlassFish in production, use Payara instead! 

Payara at the JakartaOne Livestream- We've rounded up all the Payara content from the
Eclipse Foundation Jakarta EE event. Including Kevin Wittek using Payara as an example for
Testcontainers & Adam Bien highlighting Payara Cloud in his cloud-native discussion.

This article Explains Dependency Injection- A paradigm of object orientated programming & its related specification: Jakarta CDI. This article came from classes we offered with Otávio Santana
and Karina M. Varela so read if you missed out but want to learn.

New Cloud Native Java ebook from Jakarta EE- Download to find out how Jakarta EE provides the core technologies needed to evolve existing Java applications, and to create new cloud native applications. Payara's Steve Millidge's quote is featured.  

Should You Use OpenShift to Run Payara in the Cloud?- Sticking with a pure Kubernetes solution requires probably a bit more effort but gives you freedom of choice.