The Payara Monthly Catch for August 2019

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August felt a little bit quieter than previous months, with many people gearing up for the busy conference season. However there were still plenty of juicy pieces of content to be found.


Below you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from this month. Cant wait until the end of the month? then visit our twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them! 


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Enums - one of the underrated features of Java - Dragos Barosan explains what enums are and more importantly how can you use them as a very useful concept. 
MicroProfile white paperLars Röwekamp explains how companies using MicroProfile today have considerably improved their agility of the development and shortened time to market. "
Jakarta EE: Generation IV - a new hope. -  In this tutorial, Otávio Santana shows the new hope for Java Enterprise with Jakarta EE. Creating an application using APIs from Java EE/Jakarta EE specification and putting it on the cloud with
MicroProfile JWT with Keycloak - In this tutorial, Hayri Cicek shows how to secure our services using MicroProfile JWT and Keycloak. 
Design Patterns for Microservices - A detailed description of many design patterns for Microservices
by Madhuka Udantha.
Why You Should Attend the JakartaOne Virtual Conference Livestream! - In this blog, Reza Rahman hypes up the upcoming Jakarta EE free virtual conference and tells you why you need to be attending. 
Java 8 introduced some big changes. While recent versions did not add such impactful features, there have been many smaller improvements. This article summarises the enhancements in versions released after Java 8. 
Payara Platform 2019 Road map - Update! Payara CEO Steve Millidge reflects on the year so far and sets out the latest road map for the Payara Platform going forward.
Otávio Santana takes a closer look at how to handle pagination with JAX-RS using NoSQL and two Eclipse projects, MicroProfile and Jakarta EE.
JDK13 Security EnhancementsSean Mullan lists the most interesting and useful security enhancements in the upcoming JDK 13 release.
 "Why our team cancelled our move to microservices" - A good read. These folks chose not to jump on the bandwagon .
Powerful tips for building Cloud native Applications -  In this blog, Ondrej Mihalyi shares with you some expert tips on how to take care of the most important disadvantages and risks when you decide to build your applications for the cloud.

Manipulating emojis in Java, or: What is 🐻+ 1? - This article comes with the warning "The code you’re about to see has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. " by Doug Tidwell


Integration tests with Docker - This post by Hendrik Ebbers gives an overview of how those at

Karakun use Docker to create integration tests for Java EE / Jakarta EE based libraries and frameworks.


Jakarta EE 8: Past, Present, and Future - What is Jakarta EE 8 all about? Read about it here.


The JVM Architecture Explained -  Exploring the JVM architecture, what it is, how it operates, why it's useful, and presents a helpful diagram that highlights major JVM functionalities. 


Implementing The OAuth 2.0 Authorization Framework Using Java EE - This article by

Baeldung shows an example of implementing the OAuth2 Authorization Framework using Java EE and MicroProfile




Using Payara Platform with Docker on Microsoft Azure - Learn how to create a local application and the Docker image using Payara Micro and then push it to Microsoft Azure's Container Registry so you can then use that Docker image to start a container instance.


The Illustrated Children's Guide to Kubernetes - Follow the adventures of 3 animal friends as they discover Kubernetes pods, replication controllers, services, and volumes. Get silly and serious at the same time with this lighthearted introduction to core Kubernetes concepts.


Building Microservices with Jakarta EE and MicroProfile -Edwin Derks shows how to optimize the development process and release strategy with tools and concepts that complement each other. 


Java Futures, mid 2019 Edition -  filmed at QCon New York Java Language Architect

Brian Goetz talks about where the Java language and platform is going in the next few years and how they've changed the way they're going to get it there.



Serverless vs Containers Rap Battle! -Yes. Really. Forrest Brazeal is a very talented person!


MicroProfile + Payara Micro = Microservicios -  In this Spanish video Jorge Cajas talks about how to implement Eclipse MicroProfile to quickly build microservices and deploy them with Payara Micro.



Monitor the World with JMX! - In this episode Java Pub house goes over how to both consume JMX metrics (through JConsole, or statsD, or other Performance Monitoring Tools), and how to produce them as well (By creating your own MBeans).

The lean Jakarta EE / MicroProfile / Java EE / WebComponents + WebStandards startup - The 50th episode with Adam Bien interviewing Matthias Reining. 


Software Developer's JourneyCheck out this interesting podcast with Tim Bourguignon interviewing

Trisha Gee on her software developer journey.


Community News

Microsoft acquires jClarity to help optimize Java workloads on Azure


Who are the most influential Java people in the Twittersphere? - Jax London analysed thousands of accounts, to find out who you should be following. Congrats to everyone who made the list!


7 most in-demand programming languages of 2019Looks like Java is still on top with around 6% growth according to this article on the 7 most in-demand programming languages of 2019. 


The Payara Platform 5.193 release is now live! - Here's a hot off the press overview of everything you'll have to look forward to with the Payara Platform 5.193 release.




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