The Payara Monthly Catch: February 2022

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

It's time again for us to round up the very best of Java, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, cloud programming, DevOps and open source from the month!  

In industry news, friends of Payara and Java expertsAzullaunched a Java Cloud compiler. This adds to the conversation about AOT Compilation vs JIT, making JIT compilation faster by offloading it onto a seperate system.

Payara and Payarans were mentioned in industry content:Ondropointing out system.logger API made its way into aNicolas Frankel blog and Payara was used in moreexamples by Java Champion Victor Orozco- who also discussed how much he liked usingPayara Micro in a podcast with Adam Bien.

Intellij IDEAproduced a useful video about moving fromjavax to jakarta namespace - which is what we need Payara Community Edition users to do when Payara 6 is out!

Jakarta EE10 also gets closer and closer to release.Hereyou can see which specifications have completed Release Review and which are ready.

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Native Queries. How to call native SQL queries with JPA & Hibernate- All you need to know to execute native SQL statements, handle the query result and avoid common performance pitfalls.

Difference between Inheritance & Polymorphism in Java & OOP- Even though they are closely related & you need Inheritance to support runtime Polymorphism they are a totally different concept.

Detect & Fix Memory Leaks in Managed Languages- Java & JavaScript are garbage collected languages. But memory leaks can plague them still.

Design Insights from Unit Testing - Victor Rentea believes, when tests are hard to write, it’s because they are trying to tell you how the production design can be improved. Here, he expands on where you should be alert to questions about your design.

3 ways to convert String to JSON object in Java? Examples - javinpaul shows you how to use the 3 main libraries to do this - Jackson, GSon & JSON-Simple.

Java records & compact constructors- Mike Kowalski explains more about the compact constructors feature of Java records - a feature that still feels a little unknown! They reduce the boilerplate even further, to focus on what matters.

The elusive and beautiful Java Method Reference - Donald Raab on lambdas , method references & using Eclipse Collections to help you find more places to use them.

The JDK Flight Recorder File Format- Java Flight Recorder - one of Java's secret weapons? Gunnar Morling on file format for this event collection framework.

Experienced Developers, Use These Quirks to Create Better Java Lambdas - "Most developers use lambdas as they are. Only experienced Java developers know how they work." Milos Zivkovic on how Java lambdas beat anonymous classes' performance.

Cloud Native ‘Paved Path’ Developer Experience - This thoughtful article by Daniel Bryant explores how companies are navigating the balance between developer responsibility & freedom as cloud changes the game. 

Where Is The Payara Fish This Month? 

brightened payara fishWe recently celebrated Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day !🥞
We've created a bit of a tradition around themed Payara pancakes. 

Videos & Podcasts

Migrating from javax to jakarta namespace - Here Dalia Abo Sheasha looks at how to migrate an application from Java EE 8 or older to Jakarta EE 9 - watch here.

New Adam Bien podcast with Nicolai Parlog - System.logger, Open JDK Enhancement Proposals (JEP), Netbeans, VS Code, Eclipse Maven plugin & knowing about Java's future - listen now!

Visual Studio Code / Java: How To Create a Unit Test in a Corresponding Package - A useful, new concise video by Adam Bien.

Java on ARM - Theory, Applications, & Workloads - This presentation by Dmitry Chuyko explores the status of Java on ARM, together with the Java ARM port features & performance of specific workloads. Payara supports ARM!

Community News

Azul Launches Java Cloud Compiler- Adding to the conversation about AOT Compilation vs JIT and important news for our community, read the full story.

Java on VS Code Update – February 2022 - There is a specific plugin you can use with Payara & VS Code . Here, Nick Zhu tells you about updates to the IDE - including unit testing & Gradle project creation.

Featuring Payara and Payarans!

We are proud to announce that Payara is a DevoxxUK 2022 sponsor! - Find us at the Business Design Centre, London, 11 - 13 May, where we will be chatting to Java and Jakarta EE developers (& giving away goodies!) See you there!

Learning about Java System Logger was the silver lining to the Log4j cloud for Nicolas Frankel -
Payara's own Ondro Mihalyi pointed it out.

New video by Víctor Orozco- Data testing with Payara, JUnit 5, H2 and Testcontainers

Records & Text Blocks: But What Else Is Interesting In Open JDK 17? - This month, Payara's Rudy De Busscher examined Java 17 for the Foojay DevRoom at Fosdem. You can now watch his talk!

Víctor Orozco discusses Jakarta EE & MicroProfile with Adam Bien in this Airhacks podcast - Including his use of Payara Micro & anticipation of Payara Cloud - he's a "huge Payara fan"!

Payara in the Press! InfoQ: Is Docker Secure Enough? - Our Product Manager Rudy De Busscher argues Docker is only secure when you apply principle of least privilege, granting minimum permissions whilst maintaining functionality.