The Payara Monthly Catch: August 2022

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August is typically a quiet month, and whilst this is the case in terms of industry announcements, there have been incredible learning resources and general Java articles created. Here, we have rounded up some of the best of them, covering DevOps, cloud computing, Java, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile and open source.

We loved seeing Java getting some much needed love in two pieces of content that went viral: 'Don’t call it a comeback: Why Java is still champ' andthisReddit post. As theEclipse Foundation Executive DirectorMike Milinkovich put it, "Java has been around now for 25 years and I believe that it’s going to be around for another 25 years. I think it’s undergoing a renaissance, both from a technology perspective, but just as importantly from an ecosystem perspective." We are proud to be one of the open source vendors making use of freely available Java technology to innovate and build that ecosystem! 

Watch out for us in September. We'll be atJConfin Chicago, where one of our experts Fabio will be delivering his popular talk on integration testing. And we have a very exciting webinar coming up in partnership withAzul, where we will take onGraalVMand AOT Compilation - suggesting that new isn't always better, and there are reasons you should stick with JIT. Sign uphere.

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the top content we have collated for you - get stuck in! 

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Most Shared Post of the Month:
How to use the Command pattern in Java - Rafael del Nero shows you how to use the Command Pattern to encapsulate requests as objects to execute alone or in sequence in your programs. Read now.

Controlling your server with a reverse shell attack - Brian Vermeer discusses how reverse shell attacks work and how you can protect yourself from them. Read this clear & concise blog with examples in Java & other languages.

External Debugging Tools 1: dtrace & strace - With these tools, track bugs within an application & its external dependencies without the source or deep knowledge of the environment! Shai Almog shows you how.

Java Fundamentals - The basics of Java - you probably know them, but this clear & concise guide
is great to pass on to students, colleagues, non-technical project managers etc.

Back to basics: accessing Kubernetes pods- Nicolas Frankel offers advice for taming the "colossal beast" that is Kubernetes!

Getting started with Jakarta EE Bean Validation - Francesco Marchioni covers the specification which allows you to express constraints on your model & create custom ones in an extensible way - as well as covering changes for Jakarta EE 10.

Don’t call it a comeback: Why Java is Still Champ - Fantastic article by Mike Melanson - featuring commentary from Mike Milinkovich of the Eclipse Foundation and Martijn Verburg of London Java Community and Microsoft - highlighting Eclipse Adoptium as one of the projects taking Java forward.

MySQL rewriteBatchedStatements - In this article, Vlad Mihalcea shows you how MySQL rewriteBatchedStatements works when using JDBC, JPA, or Hibernate. Take your pick!

Explaining distributed systems to a layman - Kislay Verma talks about distributed systems in super-simple, jargon free language - this is a great one to pass on to bosses, procurement, managers, even family members!

How to count a billion random ints using Eclipse Collections- Donald Raab teaches you how to build a primitive Bag from a primitive Stream in Java.

'The best thing we can do today to JavaScript is to retire it,' says JSON creator Douglas Crockford
Do you agree that JavaScript is a "dinosaur language"? - Read the article by Tim Anderson where he discusses.

Testing a Jakarta EE 9 Web Application in a Servlet Container with Arquillian - Hantsy uses many tools & frameworks we support in Payara in this example: Testcontainers, Weld, JUnit, Jakarta EE... Learn from it here.

Building CQRS Views with Debezium, Apache Kafka , Materialize, and Apache Pinot — Part 1 - Dunith Dhanushka shows you how to build an incrementally updated materialized view that serves queries in a faster & scalable manner.

Videos & Podcasts

IntelliJ IDEA. Pro Tips: Using Git Interactive Rebase - Marit van Dijk takes you through using Git Interactive Rebase to change individual commits, squash commits, drop commits or change the order of them. Make your Git history linear & meaningful!

A complete guide to Java 12 syntax changes- Aneesh Mistry looks at the main syntax changes introduced in Java 12 - including changes to String class, Files class & Collectors class. Watch now.

Architectural Practices for Greater Scalability & Innovation - Otavio Santana looks at the human factors that influence scaling up - he teaches practices that lead to a well-documented, multiplier architecture.

String Templates, JavaFX 19, Deserialization, and more at JavaOne - Inside Java Newscast #32 - Nicolai Parlog continues the series of covering the same hot topics you will experience at JavaOne - get excited!

Hibernate & JPA Tutorial - Crash Course - Marco Behler provides a comprehensive tutorial - aiming at a good (initial) understanding of how to use these tools & what your future Hibernate / JPA learning journey entails.

In this useful, concise video- Dalia Abo Sheasha explores how to use Azure in IntelliJ IDEA to create, develop & deploy your applications to the cloud.

Comic of the Month

We have developednew and improved documentation for a reason! 

stack overflow doc

Community News

Java on Azure Tooling Update August 2022 - Improvements in the IntelliJ IDEA toolkit! AKS Azure & IntelliJ IDEA can all be used with Payara as we are aggressively compatible with multiple technologies, this may be useful.

Good news! The GlassFish project has released Eclipse GlassFish 7.0.0.M8 - A Certification Compatibility Request (CCR) for Jakarta EE 10 Platform has been filed, we're on the way to JakartaEE 10. Read more in Ivar Grimstad's newsletter.

Featuring Payara and Payarans!

New guide alert! Everything you need to know about Jakarta EE CDI - Ahead of major improvements in CDI 4, out with Jakarta EE 10, learn more about this key spec. Download now.

We're going to Chicago! Catch the Payara team at JConf in September - Payara's Fabio Turizo will be delivering his talk, 'Easy Java Integration Testing with Testcontainers'. 

New webinar date for your diaries - & it's on a controversial topic! - Our CEO Steve Millidge discusses with Azul's Simon Ritter why Ahead-of-time Compilation is overhyped...Tune in September 28. Sign uphere.

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