The Payara Monthly Catch: April 2022

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

Every month, we collate the very best content for our specific enterprise Java - Java EE, Jakarta EE and MicroProfile - community. We also look further afield, and where it applies, include interesting blogs, videos and articles on subjects such as DevOps, cloud computing, microservices, software architecture and more. 

TL;DR: We know our audience and if we think you will find something very useful when developing enterprise Java applications - it makes the cut! 

This month, we are still gearing up for the Jakarta EE10 release. This is a major release, and our CEOSteve Millidgetalked about why alongside Ivar and Tanja from the Eclipse Foundationin our boldly-named webinar, 'Why Jakarta EE 10 is the biggest thing to happen to Java in 20 years.' You canwatch it now.

A particulary strong article we saw this month wasNicolas Frankelonchopping the monolith. Microservices vs. monolithic often becomes a polarized debate. However, Steve reiterated in the above webinar that it isn't a case of 'either/or', and this is also what Nicolas argues. Instead, a hybrid model, mixing the architectural styles, is what many developers choose. We love these more measured approaches, that don't fall victim to the 'buzz'.

Next month is likely to be a busy one, with the release of Jakarta EE 10 and the FINAL Payara 5 Community release scheduled. Find out a little more about what this will mean for you if you are using ithere, though we will be following up with more blogs and a webinar. 

Enjoy the calm before Jakarta EE 10 with a great range of 'How-to' and informative pieces below.

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What's new in Jakarta EE 10- Jakarta EE is the first major release since the 'jakarta' namespace upgrade. Francesco Marchioni teaches you what you can expect from it. Payara 6 will support Jakarta EE 10!

Does it matter which logger you use, or is it more important to apply best practice? - Shai Almog provides his rules for logging, covering security, goals of logging, configuration, & Mapped Diagnostic Context (MDC). Read now.

How to format SQL using the command line - Learn how to format SQL using the command line to transform a single-line SQL statement into a multi-line readable SQL string, by Vlad Mihalcea.

Containerize your Java applications - Clear & informative new guide from Microsoft - covers Garbage Collectors, Heap sizes, Replicas & JVM Ergonomics in OpenJDK.

Java Panama Polyglot (Swift) Part 2 - Project Panama brings abilities to access native libraries written in other languages. Carl Dea looks at Java code being able to talk with other languages like

Top 10 Java Language Features - A N M Bazlur Rahman explores ten Java programming features used frequently by developers in their day-to-day programming jobs.

Scaling containers on AWS Cloud in 2022 - What is the best way to scale containers using AWS? Vlad Ionescu provides a 2022 update.

Making DevSecOps an automated reality- Michelle Sebek discusses the role of DevSecOps in digital transformation and policy-based DevSecOps automation architecture.

Hibernate 6 EmbeddableInstantiator- Embeddables are simple Java objects. They provide a way to define & group a set of attributes that become part of your entity. Thorben Janssen tells you about using them with Hibernate.

Does Java 18 Finally Have A Better Alternative To JNI? - Deepu K Sasidharan explores the 2nd incubator of the Foreign Function & Memory API (FFI). 

CDI Full vs CDI Lite: What's new in Contexts and Dependency Injection 4.0 - Ladislav Thon
on changes in the specification structure for this Jakarta EE API - very useful content for Jakarta EE developers! Read now.

How to avoid the top 7 Java security pitfalls- Are you protected against these 7 potential security issues? Including SQL injection, XXE attacks & more. 

Chopping the monolith 🪓 - Nicolas Frankel discusses how microservices vs monolith isn't all or nothing. You can "chop the part that changes the most frequently (or the most arbitrarily)? and keep the monolith minus this part." Read his blog.

Videos & Podcasts

Open source powers innovation - This Suse video provides some inspiration for all champions of open source - "Openness, not technology alone, must be at the heart of all digital transformation '
Openness is also a Payara value. Watch the video now.

Java for Beginners- If you're using Payara it's likely you aren't a beginner, but a refresher might be useful or a tool for teaching others. Try this excellent new series from the Java at Microsoft team. 

Java Screams? 😱Oh, you mean Java Streams! Java Streams for the advanced - Java Streams can be very useful but also very difficult as well. This talk shows you how you can use them better.

Structuring Applications With Or Without OSGi- Adam Bien interviews Jürgen Albert on how to cut components, how to structure applications, creating business components with OSGI, OSGi declarative services and OSGi vs. Kubernetes.

What's in Kubernetes that developers should care about (and why) - If you are feeling overwhelmed by Kubernetes, Elder Moraes shows you the best practices to avoid overengineering.

New Adam Bien AirHacks podcast with the great Nicolai Parlog! - They discuss his favourite, recent Java features, including switches, text blocks, records, sealed types & more.

Cartoon of the Month

dilbert kubernets

An oldie but a goodie from Scott Adams, aka Dilbert.

Community News

New milestone, new look, new release, same Testcontainers - Testcontainers celebrated its 7th birthday! We've levelled up our Integration Testing using it, this blog gives a snapshot of where the technology is at.

Java EE - JakartaEE Initializr- Getting started with Jakarta EE just became even easier! Ivo Woltring launches a hot new update, a new Maven archetype with Jakarta EE 9 & Payara 5 & MicroProfile

Java on Visual Studio Code Update – April 2022 - Nick Zhu on exciting updates, including Java 18 support, lambda expression support in debugging & more. 

The April Payara Platform Release came out! - Major news is that it makes the gRPC protocol available to users. gRPC is similar to REST but provides more efficient data transfer. It also includes an urgent fix for if you are using Spring Framework WAR packaged applications and the ability to use Jakarta EE 9 and PrimeFaces with Eclipse Transformer. Read about this & other improvements in our 'What's New' blog.

Featuring Payara and Payarans!

Catching Up with Payara Services: The Queen's Awards, Open Source & Future Growth! - Payara CEO Steve Millidge was in Business Matters magazine. He was interviewed on Payara, open source, UK tech & more.

Level up your Integration Testing! - You can now watch our collaboration with Testcontainers, 'Easy Jakarta EE Integration Testing with the Payara Platform and Testcontainers'.

Why Jakarta EE  10 is the biggest thing to happen to Java in 20 years - Our webinar this month was one of our most popular ever, with over 200 of you registering for Tanja Obradović, Ivar Grimstad and Payara CEO Steve Millidge talking about this major release. 

Payara Micro Revealed: Cloud Native Application Development with Java - It is here! This new book by David R. Heffelfinger is now out.