Stratospheric Developer Productivity - Unveiling Payara Dev Mode

by Chiara Civardi

Development productivity is crucial in Enterprise Java and Jakarta EE application development, supporting the delivery of high-quality software solutions quickly and efficiently. As a result, it is necessary to focus on streamlining development processes, optimizing resource utilization and empowering developers to work more effectively. Payara Micro Maven Plugin, Version 1, introduces a powerful tool – Dev Mode – designed to supercharge your development experience with Payara Micro. 

In our latest User Guide - available to download here - we look at this plugin, exploring its features, configurations and usage to help developers unlock stratospheric levels of productivity.

Why Dev Mode? Stratospheric Developer Productivity_Cover-1

Dev Mode is designed to streamline development processes, operating as a continuous background task that automatically handles deployment based on detected changes.  Some of the key features of Dev Mode include:

Effortless Deployment & Streamlined Workflow: Automatically compiles and deploys the application upon saving
Accelerated Development: Smaller feedback loops foster faster development and testing cycles.
Real-time Visualization: Changes are instantly visible in the browser, facilitating near real-time feedback.
Enhanced Compatibility: Ensures compatibility with different browser versions and configurations, providing a consistent experience across platforms.
Context Preservation: Retains session state across multiple redeployments, preventing the
loss of user-related data.
Enhanced Testing & Debugging: Facilitates realistic testing of user journeys without disruptions caused by redeployments. Assists in isolating issues influenced by session state or user flow
across multiple steps.
Efficient Troubleshooting: Well-formatted and easily readable logs simplify debugging tasks.

With the Payara Micro Maven Plugin and the cutting-edge Dev Mode feature set, developers like you can unleash unparalleled levels of productivity and efficiency in their application development activities. By mastering these tools, you can streamline your workflows, iterate faster and deliver high-quality applications that meet market needs. To boost your productivity, download a free copy of our guide now. 

Stratospheric Developer Productivity Unveiling Payara Dev Mode  USER GUIDE DOWNLOAD 


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