Smooth Transition: Upgrading from WebLogic 14 to Payara Server 6

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To remain competitive in a marketplace where competition is fierce, businesses relying on software applications as part of their offering need robust, flexible and efficient application servers. These are key to maximizing the capabilities of their applications, addressing customer needs and maintaining a competitive edge. As a result, companies should be regularly on the lookout for the best application server to address their needs and advance their digital solutions. In effect, as middleware technology offering continues to evolve, a solution that has been a reliable choice for years may not be able to support current and/or future needs. As demands evolve, so should your technology stack.

While the migration process can seem daunting, the transition can actually quite straightforward and bring with a multitude of benefits for your business.Migration Guide Oracle WebLogic 14 to Payara Server 6 Enterprise_Page_01

Free Migration Guide

If you are considering upgrading from Oracle WebLogic 14 to Payara Server 6 Enterprise, you can benefit from the foundation shared by these servers on the Java EE/Jakarta EE specifications. This shared lineage eases the transition, offering a seamless path forward that leverages existing knowledge and infrastructure while opening doors to new possibilities and advancements.

Our latest guide, available for download here, will walk you through the migration landscape, highlighting the opportunities of switching to Payara Server and comparing the features of WebLogic 14 and Payara Server 6 to support your migration.

Why Payara Server

Opting for Payara Server isn't just about addressing today’s needs but anchoring your enterprise in a platform poised for tomorrow's developments. Our commitment to regular updates, feature enhancements and a responsive approach to the evolving Java and Jakarta EE community standards ensures your infrastructure not only keeps pace but sets the benchmark in technological advancement. 

Get your free copy of our guide on ow to migrate from Oracle WebLogic 14 to Payara Server 6 Enterprise and download Payara Server now to enhance your applications.

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