What's New in the September Payara Platform Release?

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Payara 6 Community Alpha 4, out today, is suitable for trying out Jakarta EE 10, and marks a key step on the road to full Jakarta EE 10 compatibility for Payara Community.

Also out this month is Payara Enterprise Version 5.43.0, and a release of Payara Platform Version 4.x in its extended support phase.

Payara 6 Community Alpha 4 includes 15 bug fixes, 6 component upgrades, 3 improvements and 2 security fixes.

You can start using Payara 6 Community Alpha 4here.

Payara Platform Enterprise 5.43.0 brings 4 bug fixes, 1 component upgrade, and 1 improvement. 

You can request Payara Enterprisehere

Payara 6 Community Alpha 4 

Payara 6 Community Alpha 3 and 4, the latter released today, are interim releases bridging the gap to fullJakarta EE 10 compatibility. 

We are targeting the release of Payara 6 Community Beta for as soon after theupcoming Jakarta EE 10release as possible. This will pass the Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) and will be followed very shortly after by the full release of Payara Platform Community 6.2022.1, the first stable release of Payara 6 Community. In the meantime, Payara 6 Community Alpha 3 and 4 have been released, though they do not contain all final features.

Payara 6 Community Alpha 4 includes all Jakarta EE 10 APIs and can be used as a target platform to start migrating to Jakarta EE 10 from Jakarta EE 8, or creating new Jakarta EE 10 applications. The administration console, however, is not operating, due to changes inJakarta Faces.

Our plan is for Payara 6 Community to replace Payara 5 Community as the Payara Community product we keep updated. This means if you want to keep running Jakarta EE/Java EE 8 apps on Payara Platform safely, you must move to Payara Enterprise. Learn more about this below or speak directly to a member of our Sales team: 

Contact Us About Payara Enterprise

Find Out More About Payara 6

Our CEO and Founder Steve Millidge will expand on Payara 6 Community Alpha 3 and 4 in a detailed roadmap update blog. We have also developed a fact sheet on Jakarta EE 10 which you can downloadhere.

Enterprise Users: Support for ADFS with OpenID Connect

As well as new bug fixes, this month's Enterprise release brings a change that allows you to use Microsoft'sActive Directory Federation Services (ADFS)software with the OpenID Connect token issuer field annotation in Payara Enterprise. This improvement was requested by a customer. 

This Enterprise release also brings a component upgrade toJersey 2.36.

Enterprise customers please note: the phone numbers for accessing support have changed. Please check your emails for the new numbers.

Enterprise Users: Payara 4.x Extended Maintenance

Payara 4.x is now in its Extended Maintenance phase. You have been emailed about this but monthly patches will stop being released for the current minor version, and we'll stop implementing hotfixes and backport fixes for releases older than Please upgrade your environments and contact our support team via the usual channels with any questions.

Webinar Avoid AOT, Justify JIT: Java Compilation in the Cloud

Ahead-of-Time (AOT) native compilation provided by GraalVM is praised for faster start-up times. But it may not be your best solution.

AzulCEO Scott Sellers has warned, "AOT Compilation does improve startup time, but it comes with costs." This echoes Payara CEO Steve Millidge, whohas claimedthat AOT is unlikely to deliver a significant economic or technical advantage.

In this webinar, Azul'sSimon Ritterand Payara'sSteve Millidge discuss AOT vs. JIT Compilation and how this applies in your modern cloud native or hybrid environments.
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Release Notes

Payara 6 Community Alpha 4, moving to Jakarta EE 10 and new functionality in the jakarta namespace, brings 15 bug fixes, 6 component upgrades, 3 improvements and 2 security fixes.

Payara Platform Enterprise 5.43.0 brings 4 bug fixes, 1 component upgrade, and 1 improvement.

See a more detailed overview in the Release Notes:

Start using Payara 6 Community here: 

Payara 6 Community Alpha 4

Remember: This is not the stable, current version of Payara Community, which is still Payara 5.2022.3, available to downloadhere