Rapid Development Tools for Java EE 8 and MicroProfile at GIDS 2018

Photo of Gaurav Gupta by Gaurav Gupta

Recently Gaurav Gupta (Principal Developer at Payara) made this presentation at the Great Indian Developer Summit in Bangalore.  




NetBeans IDE brings the speed of enterprise applications development to a new level. You can create a fully operational Java EE 8 application in few minutes from scratch, and you can select the technologies based on preferences such as JAX-RS 2.1, JSON-B, JPA, JAXB, Security API, JWT, CDI, Bean Validation 2.0, Swagger, Angular, Payara Server, Payara Micro, MicroProfile 1.2, Docker, Arquillian and more. The solution features a rich web UI, business logic, security, a REST API and more. 

  • We start with the creation of a sample business model using Jeddict to generate Java EE 8, MicroProfile 1.2 and Angular 5 application.
  • Generated Application will contain Payara Micro docker file to demonstrate the NetBeans awesome Docker functionality (available in Service > Cloud).
  • NetBeans Docker functionality will be utilize to connect with Docker Registry and push the created docker image of application.
  • Once the docker image is built, it will be deployed to cloud using the NetBeans Cloud functionality (available in Service > Cloud).
  • Now, the created sample business model will extended to demonstrate the DB Modeler functionality so developer can modify the table, column, join-column, join-table, & secondary table name and other properties.
  • In the end, Quick look on db reverse engineering, class reverse engineering, work space, all JDBC database support and SQL generation functionality.