Payara Server 5 Beta 2 release is here!

Photo of Andrew Pielage by Andrew Pielage

The (probably) final Beta release of Payara Server 5 before we release it proper,  contains the bulk of the large changes we’re going to include to give you a good overview of what the final product will look like (barring any bugs!).


Download Payara Server 5 Beta 2

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MicroProfile 1.2

This Payara Server 5 Beta release contains each of the 5 specs associated with MicroProfile 1.2:

  • Config 1.1
  • Fault Tolerance 1.0
  • Health Check 1.0
  • JWT-Auth 1.0
  • Metrics 1.0

Even though MicroProfile 1.3 has just been released, our focus in the run up to the final release will be on testing rather than implementing the latest and greatest MicroProfile has to offer. As it is though, we remain committed to MicroProfile, so don’t doubt that we will catch back up!


Domain Discovery and Deployment Groups

The domain discovery clustering mode introduced in the previous beta release has had a few bugs fixed (it now works on Windows!), and we’ve also merged in the new deployment groups functionality. Similar to how you originally deployed applications to clusters rather than the individual instances within them, deployment groups are targets that you can deploy applications to. In contrast to the original clusters however, the members of a deployment group aren’t forever tied to being a “cluster instance” as they were before; the instances are standalone instances in their own right. In addition to this, an instance can belong to many deployment groups, granting you extra flexibility. We’re hoping to see deployment groups take over as the de-facto way of targeting applications to multiple instances.

Find out more about the Domain Data Grid in Payara Server 5.


Various Bug Fixes

As you may expect, this second Beta release of Payara Server 5 packs in a good number of fixes (the new domain discovery clustering mode now works on Windows!), and this is where a large amount of our effort is going to be spent in the run up to the release.


As ever, you can raise any issues you find on GitHub, but we’ll doubly appreciate it if you report any you find on this Beta release!


Download Payara Server 5 Beta 2