The Payara Monthly Catch September 2023

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It's time for the September Payara Monthly Catch - our monthly news roundup from the world of Java, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, and open source. 

The big news is: Java 21 is now out! This is the latest long-term support release of Java, so it will be supported in Payara Platform. Payara Community Server and Micro will run with Java 21 by mid-October, with Payara Enterprise supporting Java 21 by mid-December. Find our pick of great Java 21 content below, including our own articles on the subject, focusing on what it will mean for Jakarta EE users.                                                                                                                                                     

Watch out for us next month at Devoxx Belgium! See below to meet our team at Devoxx and join our talk,Elementary Full-stack Development with Hypermedia and Java 21,we'll hope to see lots of you there. 

TheJakarta EE Developer Survey 2023also came out this month, make sure to read to find out the most used technologies and trends. Our CEO and Founder Steve Millidge commented: "The future looks bright for Jakarta EE and Payara, as we note with pride that the percentage of respondents using Payara has also increased!"

And finally, free trials of our fully managed Jakarta EE cloud native application runtime, Payara Cloud, are in full swing!  Join those trying it out for free, with 15 days available to you with no charge. Sign uphere

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Java 21 and the Upcoming Jakarta EE 11: A New Era of Cloud Native Java - We tell you why this is exciting, what features you can look forward to & what this means in the context of Jakarta EE.

Modern Java in the Cloud, Part 1: Introducing MicroProfile- The first in the series where 
Mads Opheim walks through everything you need to have a Java application deployed & available fast, with negligible amounts of managing, wiring & infrastructure. 

Speed Up Java Startup on Kubernetes with CRaC- In this article, Piotr Minkowski shows you how to leverage CRaC to reduce Java startup time & configure it for the app running on Kubernetes. Read here.

How to set a custom initial value for Ids in JPA- In Java Persistence API, Entities require unique identifiers for database records. JPA provides several strategies for generating these identifiers, Francesco Marchioni tells you more.

A Look at Sealed Classes, Pattern Matching, Functional Paradigms - Sealed Classes & the combination with pattern matching in switch statements has sparked debate. Do they have real-life uses? A N M Bazlur Rahman argues they do & demonstrates.

The Systemic Process of Debugging- Shai Almog explores the academic theory of the debugging process, focusing on issue tracking, team communication ad the balance between unit and integration tests. 

Java Records are "Trusted" & Consequently Faster - Did you know Java records are trusted by the Hotspot VM in a special way? This makes their speed superior. Per-Åke Minborg takes a look at constant folding of instance fields & how this can bolster performance.

System Architecture: Move Authentication to the API Gateway- We can factor many features in the API Gateway & should be bold in moving them from our apps. Nicolas Frankel tells us more.

Podcasts & Videos 

Java 21 in Two Minutes... more or less🕛- Billy Korando tells you what you need to know about this new LTS release - in less than the time it takes to make a cup of tea (or Java ☕)!

Java 21 API New Features- Jose Paumard teaches you about the many enhancements that Java 21 is giving you in the classes you are using every day. 
Foojay Podcast 28: Java 21 Has Arrived! - The new Java 21 is out today, and Foojay had an all star lineup to discuss it!  Join Mohamed Taman, Piotr Przybyl, Simon Ritter and Frank Delporte to discuss. 
Better database access with SQL-centric APIs (with Lukas Eder and Kris Jenkins) - Sooner or later, every programmer will have to cross the gap between their programming language & their database. 

New AirHacks podcast! - Adam Bien talks to yardus about BTrace, NetBeans, Datadog & more!

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Payara News

  • We released Payara Platform Enterprise 6.6.0 and Community 6.2023.9. For Payara Enterprise users, Payara Platform 5 is still updated. Payara Platform Enterprise 5.55.0 came out this month. Read morehere.
  • We'll be at Devoxx Belgium next month, 2nd - 6th October! Look out for our stall and come and meet us there, we'll have great swag and be ready to talk all things Jakarta EE:

devoxx teamPatrik will be giving a talk, Elementary Full-stack Development with Hypermedia and Java 21.

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