The Payara Monthly Catch October 2023

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It's time for the October Payara Monthly Catch! It might be Halloween soon, but our monthly news roundup will protect you from the scary thought of missing out on anything from the world of Java, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, and open source. We collate all the very best content as your TREAT for the month 🎃🦇👻

A key Java survey came out this month - theAzul State of Java Survey and Report. With 2000 respondents, it was interesting to learn that Java 11 was the most popular JDK version, and that 72% were using non-Oracle solutions.  We were also pleased that  19% of respondents reported Payara as their application server of choice, beating GlassFish, TomEE & WildFly!

Devoxx Belgium was a key Java event this month, attended by everyone from Java legend James Gosling, to fairies on stilts: you'll have toread our roundup blogto see them. It was a hub of Java learning and knowledge sharing. Payara's Patrik Dudits delivered a talk, 'Elementary Full stack Development with Hypermedia and Java 21,' You canwatch it backnow.

We also reached15,000 monthly users of Payara Platform. This is a huge milestone for global adoption and shows how Payara's technology has been embraced by Jakarta EE users all over the world.                                                

And finally, free trials of our fully managed Jakarta EE cloud native application runtime, Payara Cloud, are in full swing!  Join those trying it out for free, with 15 days available to you with no charge. Sign uphere


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When to Consider Postgres Partitioning- PostgreSQL table partitioning can be a powerful tool to scale your database, but it's not a one-size-fits all solution. James Blackwood-Sewell& Carlota Soto explain more.

Why Technical Experience Matters: How To Build a Lifelong Career in Software Development - Sven Reimers shares a few lessons on what to do to advance in a technical career based on technical expertise valued by the industry. There's some great tips!

State of the Sonatype Software Supply Chain Report: Key Takeaways for Java Developers - Steve Poole breaks down the report for Foojay - giving insight on open source adoption, software vulnerabilities & the transformative role of AI.

Convert Between Java LocalDate & Epoch- The conversion from Java’s LocalDate to Epoch & vice versa is demonstrated. 

The Files in JDK 21 - Anthony Goubard explores the files of the JDK - do you really know what is IN what you have installed on your computer?! 

Foreign Function & Memory API to Bridge the Gap Between Java & Native Libraries - This API is designed to improve interaction between Java & native code, offering a more efficient & safer way to access native libraries.  

Devoxx Belgium 2023 Takeaways - Payara attended Devoxx Belgium & loved it! So we were excited to relive it with Gunter Rotsaert - what were the key takeaways about the world of Java from the conference? 

Podcasts & Videos 

How JAX-RS Happened - Adam Bien talks to Paul Sandoz about his career journey, starting to work on JAX-RS, Apache Jelly & more. 

Why JUnit's Dynamic Tests ARE SO GOOD - Using an example, Marco Behler shows you how JUnit 
can help you write tests, when you want to extract image metadata stored in many different ways.
Foojay Podcast #31: Report of Devoxx 23 in Belgium 🇧🇪 - We loved Devoxx Belgium, so enjoyed this podcast where Frank Delporte interviewed the greats present, including Ivar Grimstad, Bruno Borges, Nicolai Parlog & more. Relive the event.
How JProfiler happened - Adam Bien talks with Ingo Kegel about inter JVM profiling in two windows, ProjectLoom challenges, & of course creating JProfiler. Listen now.
The Power of NoSQL Databases: Exploring Polyglot Persistence - Otavio Santana
 journeys into NoSQL databases, unlocking their potential & understanding how they can coexist with traditional relational databases. Watch the video & read the summary.

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Payara News

  • Our second Payara Podcast came out! Open Source For All? A Closer Look at the HashiCorp Case. Our CEO Steve Millidge discusses, with Rachel Stephens from the developer focused analyst company RedMonk, Hashicorp's change from Free & open source to a Business Source License. What's the motivation behind such changes?

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