The Payara Monthly Catch for October 2019

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Apologies for the late edition this month! Your humble author has been on the road with recent conferences in Europe. But I hope I can make it up to you!

Below you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from this month. Cant wait until the end of the month? then visit our twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them! 

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Where Is My Cache? Architectural Patterns for Caching Microservices - An excellent article from
Hazelcast to show the options you have when you want to introduce caching into your microservice system. A complete guide on caching architectural patterns.
Getting started with Eclipse MicroProfile 3.0 (spec 11/12). This blog covers the basics of JAX-RS 2.1to create and consume REST endpoints.
As a matter of factory, factories matter - Donald Raab'slatest blog aggregates all of the blogs about factories in Eclipse Collections.
Deploy Jakarta EE application to KubernetesIn this quick and detailed tutorial, Hayri Cicek shows you how to deploy a Jakarta EE application to Kubernetes
The 2019 Java Developer Roadmap - Whats on the roadmap for #Java developers? This roadmap by Javin Paul contains an unobstructed path on how to become a Java expert and what you need to know.
No Longer the Applet of the Developer's Eye - By Simon Ritter. "The sad news is that applets are truly dead. The good news, however, is that Java is very much alive and well, continuing to be the most popular programming platform."
The 10 commandments of navigating code reviews - "In my years of developing software, I've come up with 10 commandments that I follow to navigate code reviews. They have worked like a charm on every team I've ever been a part of, so I hope they work for you. " By Angie Jones
Right Strategies for Microservices Deployment - In this article, Rahul Singh shares some of the most popular microservices deployment strategies & looks at how organizations can leverage it to attain higher agility, efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.
Explore Annotations in Java 8 - An excellent post on the evolution of annotations in Java 8 and how they are being used today, specifically syntax, predefined annotations, type, and more.
Payara Services at Oracle CodeOne 2019- We were extraordinary busy at the conference, so we wanted to share with you a short summary of what happened, what it meant for Payara and for the whole Java community in general.

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Authentication and Authorization with Payara and MicroProfile JWT- Adam Bien
quickly demonstrates authentication and authorization in JAX-RS with JSON Web Tokens (JWT)

Josh Juneau on Jakarta EE 8- Application Developer and Java Champion, Josh Juneau, talks about what Jakarta EE 8 means for the Java ecosystem. 

In this episode of the Bootiful Podcast - Josh Long talks to fellow Java Champion, New Delhi JUG leader, author, teacher, and JetBrains Developer Advocate Mala Gupta about Java, learning new features, and more. 

Authentication and Authorization with Payara and MicroProfile JWT - The maestro from Munich
Adam Bien with another great video.

Most Popular Programming Languages 1965 - 2019- Timeline of the most popular programming languages since 1965 to 2019. Data really is Beautiful. 

MicroProfile OpenAPI with Swagger UIAdam Bien shows how to add Swagger UI to a JAX-RS / MicroProfile endpoint using his Watch & Deploy and Payara Server.

Securing the JVM - In this talk from GOTO 2019 , Nicolas Frankel shows some of the things you could do in an unsecured JVM. And explains the basics of securing it, and demonstrates a working process on how to do it. 


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