The Payara Monthly Catch for September 2019

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This month we had Oracle Code One dominate the lions share of everyone's attention with talks and announcements. So you will notice I have included more than my usual amount of videos, that feature some of the talks and panels from the event. Shortly afterwards was the first Jakarta One Virtual conference that finally announced Jakarta EE 8! Which explains the a large rise in Jakarta EE and MicroProfile content. 

Below you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from this month. Cant wait until the end of the month? then visit our twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them! 

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Microservices in the cloud, part two - In this excellent post, Otavio takes a deep dive into each module. Paying close attention to creating clean code by considering design and architecture.

Bundle A Java 11 App Into A Minimal JRE (without Module System Adaptations) - Create a custom runtime image of your non-modular Java 11+ application with Gradle and the Badass Runtime Plugin.

A look in to MicroProfile - In the third part of his series, David Hutchison goes into detail of his experience doing integration Testing with Payara Micro.

Jakarta EE 8 Release Preview - The Jakarta EE 8 release has enterprise developers asking a lot of questions. The great folks at JRebel give some insight into the release and how it may affect you.

Ever wondered how to secure your Java EE/MicroProfile app using JWT token-based authentication?- Philip Riecks gives a hands-on example in the following MicroProfile specification introduction (7/12) : MicroProfile JWT Auth.
Lindsay Smith.

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Jakarta EE Expert Panel -This video shows the really interesting Jakarta EE Expert Panel at the
Java 2 Days conference discussing the future of Jakarta EE, with expert panellists.

IoT powered by Microprofile – Microservices in practice | Jakarta Tech Talks - This talk demonstrates how you can design a good production-ready, secure, modular Java full-stack system with IoT devices based on the Enterprise stack with Microprofile combined with good continuous deployment infrastructure patterns.

Payara Customer Stories - In this customer testimonial we interviewed Neil Openshaw (Senior Manager of Software Engineering at HyperWallet). We are really proud of how this video came out, give it a watch and let us know what you think!

The Differences Between Java EE, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile - In this video, Yolande Poirier interviews Sebastian Daschner on the differences between JavaEE, JakartaEE, & MicroProfile, and what to choose for your Enterprise Java projects.

Transactions in your microservices architecture -  This session explains the challenges and concepts of the MicroProfile LRA framework. By Rudy De Busscher.

My personal journey to Open Source -   James Gosling was at ApacheCon recently and gave a talk about his personal journey to being a big fan of Open Source.

Java Modules: Why & How? - Java modules are the future. However, enterprise applications have legacy code—lots of it. How in the world do we migrate from the old to the new? Venkat dives deep into answering these questions in this great talk at CodeOne.

Life After Java 8 - In this great talk from the always entertaining Trisha Gee you'll learn the pros and cons of upgrading from Java 8. Including features in the latest versions of Java, performance implications and potentially expensive license changes.

Practical MicroProfile with Java EE - Ryan Cuprak looks at how you can use the MicroProfile APIs to turbocharge your existing Java EE application. Even if you aren’t writing microservices, MicroProfile has many exciting features to improve your existing applications.

Jakarta EE 8 + Microprofile 3.0: Live Coding - With Even Less Ceremony - In this session Adam Bien
talks to the Soujava JUG on deploying communicating microservices, including System Test and continuous deployments with WAD, explained exception handling and implemented some fault tolerance patterns with MicroProfile 3.0.

Community News

Some very interesting discussions taking place at Open Core Summit around suggestions of the future of open source and open core. Its getting pretty spicy. 

Recently Oracle announced that they will stop work on ADBA - "We stopped work on ADBA for two reasons: per the Java team the future for scalable Java code is fibers, not async and there was very little support within the Java community for ADBA."

Jackson Release 2.10 has been released!