The Payara Monthly Catch for May 2020

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Alot went down in May! notably Java's 25th anniversary and a whole swathe of articles, webinars and podcasts that went with it! It felt like there was a webinar everyday!

Below you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from the last month. Cant wait until the end of the month? then visit our twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them! 

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Free Memory - How much memory was wasted when an additional boolean field was added to java.lang.String in Java 13? None at all. This article explains why.

Implementation components used by Jakarta EE servers - Detailed overview with links to source showing which Jakarta EE components each server is using.

How to reduce your JVM app memory footprint in Docker and Kubernetes - Natan Silnitsky
shares how he managed to dramatically reduce the memory usage of a widely-used JVM app container on Kubernetes and save a lot of money.

Tutorial: A step-by-step guide from traditional Java EE to reactive microservice design 

How to Create a Secure JSF JPA Application - In this session, Fabio Turizo demonstrates how to create a secure JSF/JPA web application using multiple Java EE/ Jakarta EE APIs and connect it to a MySQL 8 database in this comprehensive tutorial.

Java & SQL, Stronger Together - Markus Winand presents how JPA and SQL together achieve something that one alone could not.

The Unsafe Class: Unsafe at Any Speed - "Just because you can break the rules, doesn’t mean you should break the rules—unless you have a good reason." by Ben Evans

Security Patterns for Microservice Architectures - This useful presentation by Matt Raible
recommends 11 patterns to secure microservices architectures. 

Asynchronous streams and callbacks - This is a series of blog posts by Matthisk Heimensen exploring the flow control (or backpressure) mechanisms present in synchronous and asynchronous streaming libraries of Java and Kotlin.

Easy ways to bring your Java Microservices to the Cloud - Businesses will always experience the challenge of keeping integrations between users and applications scalable, productive, fast, and of high quality. Rudy de Busscher and Otavio Santana explain how to meet these challenges with Jakarta EE & MicroProfile.

Connect Payara Micro to External JMS Broker by Deploying a RAR file - In this very useful blog
Ondrej Mihalyi explains how to connect to OpenMQ or ActiveMQ and build microservices that communicate asynchronously using JMS.

Taking Project Loom for a spin - Renato Athaydes tests out the projects development against its objectives "To support easy-to-use, high-throughput lightweight concurrency and new programming models on the Java platform."

The recentGitLab 2020 DevSecOps Survey found faster releases and changing roles. Nearly 3700 software pros shared their DevOps successes, failures and thoughts on the future. Here’s what you need to know.

The anatomy of Connection Pooling - In this detailed article, Vlad Mihalcea explores "The anatomy of Connection Pooling" and discusses the pros and cons of Pooling vs No Pooling.

12 Factor App with MicroProfile and Kubernetes - The 12 Factor App approach is for defining a clean contract between the application and running environment. This clever article by
Emily Jiang takes a look at this methodology.

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Videos & Podcasts

An Illustrated Guide to OAuth and OpenID Connect - The goal of this video is to cut through the jargon and complicated terminology to explain how these standards work using simplified illustrations.
Utilizing JSF Front Ends with Microservices - In this Jakarta EE Tech talk by Josh Juneau, you will learn the principles behind leveraging JSF to build stateless views that utilize RESTful web services for performing database interactions.
25 YEARS OF JAVA - In recognition of Java’s 25th birthday, Jeremy Morgan brings you a special podcast episode taking you through the ups and downs of Java’s important history.
MicroProfile Config with etcd - In this short video, Rudy de Busscher demonstrates how to use MicroProfile Config with etcd.
JSON-B with Java 14 Records -In this super quick video, Adam Bien demonstrates and explains how to combine JSON-B with Java 14 Records.
25hr Java Stream - Amazing effort by Nicolai Parlog who hosted a 25hr stream for Java 's birthday. With some great guest speakers!

Community News

Java’s 25th Birthday - May 23rd marked the 25th anniversary of the day Sun Microsystems introduced Java to the world. Java continues to rank among the top three programming languages in the most prominent language popularity indexes — Tiobe, RedMonk, and PyPL. Java had enjoyed a five-year stint as the top language in the Tiobe index until this month, when it was overtaken by the C language, thanks perhaps to the combination of C's wide use in medical equipment and the urgency of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Total Eclipse to Depart - The Eclipse Foundation revealed plans to move to Brussels. Although there already is a European office. Executive director Mike Milinkovich told The Register: "This is about re-domiciling the legal entity that controls The Eclipse Foundation from the US to Europe."

Users of Tomcat 10 should be aware that the package for all specs has changed from javax.* to jakarta.*. Code changes will almost certainly required to migrate from Tomcat <=9 to Tomcat 10. A migration tool ( is under development to help with this.

Oracle has published an update to the Java Client Roadmap, which includes mentioning extended commercial support and updates for Java SE 8 from March 2025 to at least December 2030.

Germany has released its Corona warn app architecture on Github. The document is intended for a technical audience and represents the most recent state of the architecture. Fantastic transparency for a Gov Tech Project.