The Payara Monthly Catch for July 2020

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I hope you enjoy the article and news round up this month, as usual their was a lot to talk about in the Jakarta EE & MicroProfile space, as well as Java as a whole. You may notice a slight shift in emphasis towards Security themed articles this month which I hope you find useful.

In this blog you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from the last month. Cant wait until the end of the month? then visit our twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them! 

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Get started with concurrency in Jakarta EE - One of the cornerstones of any well-written application is good performance, and that often means being able to run two or more tasks at the same time in parallel. Josh Juneau shows how in this article!

Authentication and Authorization Stores in Payara Platform - This new guide describes concepts like HTTP Authentication Mechanism, Identity Store, OAuth2, OpenIdConnect & provides some detailed examples for how you can use them.

Flyway Database Schema Migrations - The mighty Vlad Mihalcea explains how Flyway Database works and how you can use it to run automated database schema migrations using incremental SQL migration scripts.

Introduction to GraphQL - Tom Poniat introduces GraphQL, a new approach for building an API that aims to get the better of two basic RESTful APIs limitations which are data filters & relationships.

Lombok & Hibernate: How to Avoid Common Pitfalls - Lombok is incredibly popular for basic Java classes. But it introduces some dangerous pitfalls when used together with Hibernate. Thorben Janssen gives advice in how to avoid these pitfalls in this article.

How to Write Embedded Integration and E2E Tests for Jakarta EE - This article introduces Arquillian and MicroShed test frameworks and explain how you can use them to meet the mentioned needs.

Cyber security Trends in 2020 and Beyond - Ramesh Manickavel takes a look at some of the top trends to expect in cyber security as the year progresses, such as endpoint, network, and cloud security.

Detecting and Resolving Database Connection Leaks with Java Applications - This tutorial demonstrates how you can find and remove connection leaks between your application and database in Java apps.

The Children's Illustrated Guide to Kubernetes!- A wonderful and funny guide that helps explain Kubernetes in simple terms.

New version of the OpenJDK Developers Guide - Targeted at new and returning contributors and updated for the current reality of the project. It updates and replaces some older, less extensive versions of the guide.

Modern Web Development in Java (The [Never] Complete Guide) - A useful, entertaining and interesting guide by Akshay S Dinesh to Modern Web Development in Java from someone who has pivoted from FrontEnd development.

Measuring Object Sizes in the JVM - Ali Dehghani explains how to measure Java object sizes with various tools such as JOL, Java Agents, and the jcmd command-line utility.

Are traditional managers failing their developers? - Gandalf Hudlow suggests "Management is the real problem preventing developers from creating epic products that fulfil compelling needs". An interesting blog that is not as controversial as it first appears.

Understanding Jakarta EE 8 - In this tutorial series by Buhake Sindi, he explains various Jakarta EE technologies & enable enterprise Java developers to be able to develop and deploy applications comfortably using Jakarta EE.

10 Java security best practices - In this excellent cheat sheet, Brian Vermeer & Jim Manico focus on ten Java security best practices for both opensource maintainers and developers.

Why you should consider using MicroProfile in your microservices - Helber Belmiro discusses how when using MicroProfile you are free to choose any compliant runtime and the slogan “Write once, run anywhere” becomes great again.

Jakarta EE Security & REST on Cloud: Part 4  - OAuth2 is undoubtedly one of the most famous security protocols today. This post by the ever prolific Otavio Santana discusses how to integrate OAuth2 with JWTs.

10 portfolio projects for aspiring automation engineers - Test automation leader Angie Jones (and new Java Champion!) shares projects those just getting started in the field should consider to help them stand out in the crowd.

Secure Code Review - In this article Brian Vermeer and Trisha Gee give 8 useful security code review tips that you can check for, when looking at future pull requests! Also has a super handy cheat sheet doc.

Effective Java SE 9 through 15 APIs & Language features, that make your life easier. - In this very funky presented guide, Mohamed Taman explores effective Java SE 9 through 15 API's and Language features that make your life easier.

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Videos & Podcasts

100% Stateless with JWT (JSON Web Token) -In this popular talk, Hubert Sablonniere explains the inner workings of JWTs. How to handle a client session properly between a browser and a server. And exploring other usages,wrapping up with pros and cons.
Jakarta EE, MicroProfile and the iPhone Problem - In this informative interview Adam Bien talks to Kevin Sutter (a central figure in Jakarta EE, and all round good bloke) and they discuss Jakarta EE 9 features, Jakarta EE / MicroProfile dynamics, Eclipse Transformer and the MicroProfile platform. 
10 strategies for developing reliable Jakarta EE & MicroProfile apps for the Cloud - This talk by Fabio Turizo at explores and highlights 10 strategies that will help you implement robust scalable cloud-ready applications.
Jakarta EE on Azure Magic Mystery Show- In this fast-paced, demo-driven, entirely slide free session Reza Rahman demonstrates the many ways of effectively deploying a Jakarta EE application to Azure.
Jakarta EE vs. / or / and MicroProfile: A Developer's Perspective - Adam Bien
presents a continuous coding show, explaining the relation between Jakarta EE & MicroProfile. Available run times, migrations & developer experience.
Using AppCDS to boost your Jakarta EE application startup time - This video by Leander Reimer demonstrates how to enable AppCDS (improves startup time & memory footprint) when running Payara Micro locally and within a container.

Community News

The “Best of the JDK” Tournament - Marcus Hirt gives his thoughts & feelings around the fun JDK competition recently held. Includes some very humorous Java Tech inspired Poetry! One of the many reasons why we love the Java community so much.

Thorntail says goodbye - Farewell friend.

OpenJDK Migrates to GitHub- OpenJDK has used Mercurial since 2008. Some of the OpenJDK projects have already transitioned to GitHub & the JDK project will join them when Github becomes the official read/write main repo in September 2020.

AdoptOpenJDK to move to Eclipse - The AdoptOpenJDK project, known for producing vendor neutral builds of the OpenJDK project, is to move to the Eclipse Foundation and become Eclipse Adoptium.