The Payara Monthly Catch for Feb 2020

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It's been a little while since the last update. Your humble author has been on the road, most recently DevNexus in Atlanta where we met many awesome people and had a great time. We also just published our latest release Payara Platform 5.201.  We wont lament further, as usual we have kept our eyes open and have been squirrelling away some great content.

Below you will find a curated list of some of the most interesting news, articles and videos from this month. Cant wait until the end of the month? then visit our twitter page where we post all these articles as we find them! 

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Memory Leaks in Java: A Cautionary Tale and Gentle Introduction to Preventing Memory Errors By Bradley Kofi 

Demystifying Kubernetes as a Service – How Alibaba Cloud Manages 10,000s of Kubernetes Clusters. In this blog post, the author shares the experience of managing a large number of Kubernetes clusters on cloud infrastructure, as well as the design of the underlying platform.

Java retrospective #5 – what will change the Java world in 2020? - Some interesting thoughts on what we have got to look forward to in 2020 from some very well known figures in the Java community. 

Hunting Down and Fixing Memory Leaks in Java - Memory leaks can be difficult to detect, and even harder to get rid of if you don't know what to be on the lookout for. In this post, the author explores the different tools you can use to find and fix them.

The Complete DevOps Developer Road Map - An excellent guide and resource to becoming a DevOps Engineer with a lot of great signposting. By Javin Paul.

Deploy a Jakarta EE application to the root context - Philipp Riecks shows how to deploy a Jakarta EE app to the root context "/" for each app server (Glassfish, Payara, OpenLiberty, WildFly). Eliminating the need for different context paths. 

What’s new with Jakarta NoSQL? (Part II) - Otavio Santana talks about the concept of cloud-native and runs an application with this concept using the latest milestone version of Jakarta EE NoSQL.

Payara Platform 2019 Community Survey Results- Our 2019 Community Survey results are now available! Thank you to everyone who participated for giving your time and insight into helping to improve the Payara Platform.

Hexagonal Architecture — Principles & Practical Example in Java - Animesh Gaitonde discusses the implementation of Hexagonal Architecture or Ports & Adapter Architecture.

Where programming languages are headed in 2020 - “Once again, rumours of Java’s demise have proved to be little more than wishful thinking on the part of the platform’s detractors.”

Java Stream Collectors Explained - In this article Ben Weidig explores how collectors work   and examines how you can build our own.

Stop Changing My Toolbox! - John Vester talks about the impact corporate changes can have on feature teams when they elect to make tooling changes the absolute worst time.

Java Streams are great but it’s time for better Java Collections - In this article Don Raab
explores why after 25 years, it is time for a better and more modern Java Collections framework.

MicroProfile and Jakarta EE Technical Alignment - Steve Millidge weighs in on the MicroProfile vs Jakarta EE future alignment debate in this well received article. 

Minification of HTML in Java EE webapps - "Migrating features from run time to build time is actually very trendy. It can be seen in the rise of static blogging platforms such as Jekyll or Hugo."
by Nicolas Frankel

The Jakarta EE 9 Delivery Plan - Anticipating a mid-2020 GA release, the Jakarta EE platform project team presented the formal Jakarta EE 9 delivery plan to the Jakarta EE steering committee. Read more in this article by Michael Redlich.

Java on Visual Studio Update - February 2020 - In this update, Xiaokai He shows the new ways to manage your dependencies and configure your multiple JDK. You will learn the additional tools you can leverage for popular frameworks and runtimes.

Pros and Cons for Using GraalVM Native-Images - In this popular article, Petr Bouda examines the pros and cons for using GraalVM Native-Images from a performance point of view.

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Videos & Podcasts

Deploy and debug a Jakarta EE application with Payara using IntelliJ IDEA - In this quick video, Philip Riecks will show you how to deploy and debug a Jakarta EE application with Payara Server using IntelliJ IDEA 

JavaFX Strikes Back - Recent Airhacks podcast from Adam Bien, catching up with Gluons Johan Vos, talking about advantages of JavaFX, the JavaFX ecosystem, OpenJFX, GraalVM and Java on mobile.
An interview with Renaud Boutet - "Logging is one of those tasks that we hate to do, but when you need it, we are glad we did it right. So dive in and listen to our experiences with logging as we go over the tips for robust observability"

How Java is Imitating Functional Languages - In this talk, Maurice Naftalin & Jose Paumard
review what Java has learned from functional languages, what it can still learn, and how its added features compare to Scala's.
Are Jakarta EE Servers Dead? - Adam Bien  explores the topic and questions surrounding the future of Jakarta EE servers.

Community News

MicroProfile Starter leaves beta behind, works its way into IDEs - Java devs looking to get started with microservices can now dive into the newly released first major version of MicroProfile Starter 1.0.
Rise, the Jakarta EE Ambassadors! - 'A couple of months ago with the Jakarta EE 8 release out the door, the Java EE Guardians began working with Eclipse Foundation to go through the effort of rebranding as the Jakarta EE Ambassadors' - read more from Reza Rahman

JVM Ecosystem Report 2020 - This report from Snyk presents the results of the largest annual survey on the JVM ecosystem, showing results from over 2000 responses, gathered in late 2019.

GitHub Enterprise is now free through Microsoft for Startups - Sounds good!

Ghostcat breach affects all Tomcat versions - Ghostcat is a high severity vulnerability in Tomcat found in the AJP. This binary protocol allows an attacker to read or include any file into Tomcat webapp directories. Read more in this article by Snyk's Brian Vermeer.

Hibernate slow query log - In this article, Vlad Mihalcea explains how you can activate the slow query log for JPQL, Criteria API, and native SQL queries when using JPA and Hibernate.