MicroProfile Talks at Devoxx: Videos

Photo of Debbie Hoffman by Debbie Hoffman

Recently we shared a blog about Ondrej's talk prepared for Code One and Devoxx conferences: Be Reactive and Micro with a MicroProfile Stack. Now, we have his video so you can watch the talk as if you were there! We also enjoyed several other MicroProfile related talks at Devoxx and wanted to share some of those as well. See below for a talk about Jakarta EE MicroProfile WebStandards by Adam Bien, a Java EE/Jakarta EE and MicroProfile discussion with Sebastian Daschner, and a talk about Securing Microservices from Emily Jiang.




Be Reactive and Micro with a MicroProfile Stack

by Ondrej Mihalyi






Jakarta EE MicroProfile WebStandards, On Stage Hacking 

by Adam Bien 





Java EE, Jakarta EE, MicroProfile, Or Maybe All Of Them?

by Sebastian Daschner






Secure Microservices Made Easy with MicroProfile JWT

by Emily Jiang