Be Reactive and Micro with a MicroProfile Stack at Code One & Devoxx BE

Photo of Ondro Mihályi by Ondro Mihályi

Our goal within the Payara project is to facilitate innovations in Java web and enterprise applications. There are many areas to innovate but one of my favourite is better and simpler support for reactive programming. I've been exploring this area for a while. I have found some clever ways how to use standard APIs and Payara Platform to write reactive applications. This year in one of my session at Oracle Code One and Devoxx Belgium, I will focus on using MicroProfile API to write reactive microservices with simple code.


In past several years, I've had amazing time and fun learning concepts of reactive programming. I've studied how new reactive frameworks help building better applications. However, I found out it's much more powerful to choose standard APIs and build on their asynchronous and reactive features than to learn and use a new and unproven framework. Since then, I'm trying to apply the good parts that I learn from reactive libraries like Vert.x, Spring Reactor or RxJava, to code written with a more standard and widely supported technology like Java EE and MicroProfile. When they don't cover some areas, I try to blend in other useful lightweight libraries as seamlessly as possible. Even more, as a member of the MicroProfile project, I bring this experience to the MicroProfile project. There I cooperate with other reactive experts on adding new reactive features to this standard API.


In my talk at Oracle Code One and Devoxx, I’ll explain what the recent version of MicroProfile offers and how to easily combine Payara Micro as a MicroProfile implementation with other common libraries and tools like RxJava, React.js, and Kafka. All with the aim to build a modern reactive application that uses resources efficiently and scales according to the actual load. I'll also show how to use preview versions of some new MicroProfile reactive features to simplify the code even more and envision what reactive features to expect in MicroProfile in the future.


Join me at my Oracle Code One session called Be reactive and micro with a MicroProfile stack on Thursday, Oct 25 at 12 pm (noon). Or - if you're attending Devoxx BE - join me there on Thursday, Nov 15 at 3pm.


As an introduction to my session or for those who can't attend it, I recommend reading my article How to Write Reactive Applications with MicroProfile.


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