Improvements to Payara InSight in Payara Enterprise 5.21.1 Release

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The Payara Enterprise Release 5.22.0 in October 2020 was the first Payara Enterprise release to include our fully integrated and greatly improved real-time monitoring and alerting solution called Payara InSight (formerly known as Payara Monitoring Console in Payara Community).

Then in the November 2020,release, we made improvements in how alerts are represented in the user interface, the display of widget content, and configuration options.

For December’s Payara Enterprise 5.21.1 (patch release), we’ve continued to make improvements that make Payara InSight easier to use. Updates include slight changes to the GUI for consistency and warning awareness, improvements in the flow of creating new pages, and improvements to the process of updating or changing a previously created Watch.

GUI Improvements

To improve the consistency of the GUI appearance, we reduced the number of font sizes that are used. We also added a new ‘warning icon’ to dialogues that either want a user’s confirmation and/or some input ,which then triggers an action that potentially has an effect that is either not reversible or could  potentially affect other users as it changes the common persistent configuration.

Creating New Pages

In the previous version of Payara InSight, when you clicked on the new page option, named it, and then clicked the button you were taken to a blank page with no feedback or obvious instruction for what to do with it. Some people found this confusing and weren’t sure how to populate the page.  

Now, when you add a new page in Payara InSight, you name the page and can then just hit enter (no need for a mouse click on the button). A blank page opens with a new plus ( + ) button on it to make it obvious that you need to click that to begin populating the page.

new page Payara Insight screenshot-x1_8080-2020.12.03-13_42_30

Updates to Watch Editing

In the last version of Payara InSight, if you wanted to change the name of a Watch you already created, Payara InSight would create a new Watch  and leave the original Watch in the monitoring console (meaning you’d have two Watches).

Now, when you edit the name of an existing Watch, the originally created Watch is deleted from Payara InSight so you only keep one. It may be worth mentioning that when the original Watch is deleted, all of it’s alert history is also deleted.

Do You Like Payara InSight?

Keep an eye on the blog for future updates regarding further improvements to Payara InSight in upcoming Payara Enterprise releases. As always, we’d love to get your feedback on Payara InSight - what you like about it, what you’d like to improve, or if there are any new capabilities you’d like to see added. Head over to the Payara Forum to join the conversation and let us know what you think!

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