Payara InSight is Coming to Payara Enterprise 5.22.0

Photo of Jan Bernitt by Jan Bernitt


The Payara Enterprise Release 5.22.0 is the first Payara Enterprise release to include our fully integrated and greatly improved real-time monitoring and alerting solution called Payara InSight (formerly known as Payara Monitoring Console in Payara Community).

When running Payara Enterprise in production there is no extra installation or configuration needed. Our real-time monitoring solution, Payara InSight, is now just a button click away. The new user interface of Payara InSight is more accessible, safer, and easier to use. The feature set has been rounded off for a worthy version 1.0 that allows you to monitor your application server cluster as well as monitor the deployed applications. Have a look for yourself - in the video below we demo the core features to get you started in just a few minutes. (If you'd like to go directly to specific features without watching the full demo, just visit the appropriate timestamps from the YouTube description.)


Payara InSight has been launched bringing a real-time monitoring and alerting solution to Payara Enterprise. In the coming releases we will continue to add features and functionality, including a page-independent alerts integration for the user interface. In the backend we plan to add a configurable set of notifiers so that you can not only see alerts in Payara InSight but also get notified via email, slack and co.

The list of ideas for further improvements is long and varied. For example, potential future development of Payara InSight includes:

  • improved meta information for the individual metrics
  • user configured metrics pickup from different sources
  • visualising annotation data in graphs or a top 5 table widget
  • numerous user interface improvements

We try to find those that fit best but we are also keen on your feedback and happy to let it influence our decision making. Tell us: What features would you like to see in Payara InSight?

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