Did You Know? Payara Platform Can Cluster By DNS

Photo of Jonathan Coustick by Jonathan Coustick

Hazelcast in the Payara Platform offers several ways to configure how instances cluster. One new way is by using DNS records.


This can be done when starting Payara Micro by using the command line option --clustermode dns:domainname:port i.e.

java -jar payara-micro.jar --clustermode dns:www.payara.fish:4900

Or alternatively in the Data Grid page in the admin console of Payara Server:




Payara will look up the domain name in the local hosts file and the public 'A ' records of the given domain and try to connect to those locations to cluster with. This works whether the domain names has one or several IP addresses associated with it, in which case it will try to connect to all of them, for both IPv4 and IPv6. If no port is specified then Payara will try to connect to port 4900 by default.


You can find out more about the discovery modes Payara supports in our documentation.


Download the latest Payara Platform Release:

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