Creating a Service for Payara Server - Video Blog Series

Photo of Andrew Pielage by Andrew Pielage
 video_1_resized.jpgWatch our series of four short how-to videos. See how to create a Payara service and asadmin command, and how to add configuration data and a service to the admin console.


Create a Payara Service

This vlog demonstrates the basics of creating a service with a walk through of the process.


Create Asadmin Command

This vlog is continuation of the first one and will provide a tutorial on how you can extend a service to have an asadmin command, so that you can interact with the service from the command line.


Adding Configuration Data

This is the third video blog in the series and will teach you how to add configuration data to a service by extending the service created in the previous vlogs.

The tutorial describes how to enable a Payara service to persist configuration data about itself to the domain.xml file, allowing a service to retain values for use with other services or functions.

Adding a Service to the Admin Console

The final installment of the Creating a Payara Service series, this vlog covers how to extend the Admin Console with the asadmin command created in the previous installments.The tutorial demonstrates how to create a new configuration tab in the Admin Console and how to call an asadmin command from the Admin Console. 


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