Asadmin Recorder - New Payara Server Feature Demo

Photo of Andrew Pielage by Andrew Pielage

One of the most exciting new features in the Payara Server 162 release is the Asadmin Recorder - a tool especially useful for the Operations Teams! 

Asadmin Recorder allows you to create runnable scripts of asadmin commands that mirror configuration done in the administration console.  Have a look at our video walkthrough below for a quick overview of this new Payara Server feature.



The Asadmin Recorder feature will allow you to view the commands you have run from the admin console. These can be used in automation scripts or to investigate what the console is really doing. The demo below covers enabling and disabling the Asadmin Recorder, as well as configuring it from within the admin console. 


And to find out more, check out the Asadmin Recorder Documentation here. 




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