Easy ways to bring your Java Microservices to the Cloud

Photo of Jadon Ortlepp by Jadon Ortlepp

All companies are software companies, and businesses will always experience the challenge of keeping integrations between users and applications scalable, productive, fast, and of high quality. To combat this, cloud, microservices, and other modern solutions come up more and more in architectural decisions. Here is the question: Is Java prepared to deal with these diverse concepts in a corporate environment?

We think the answer is a strong yes, and to demonstrate how Jakarta EE and Eclipse MicroProfile work very well in the cloud, the Payara Platform and Platform.sh worked together on this webinar. Rudy de Busscher and Otavio Santana cover a range of topics, including:

• What does cloud and cloud-native mean.
• Best practices around cloud native and micro-services
• Payara Micro and Cloud
• High level intro and comparison of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile
• Platform.sh Introduction
• Running Payara Micro applications on Platform.sh
• Q&A


Source code: https://github.com/platformsh-examples/payara-micro
Free PDF of discussed content here: https://www.payara.fish/page/payara-platform-and-paas-with-platform-sh/