What's New in the August 2023 Payara Platform Release?

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Coming fresh and energised from summer vacation, the Payara engineering kitchen presents to you the August 2023 release, with bug fixes and component upgrades. Payara Platform Enterprise 6.5.0 comes with 10 bug fixes and a component upgrade. Payara Platform Community 6.2023.8 also comes with 10 bug fixes and 1 improvement. 

Enterprise users can continue to use Payara Platform 5; this month sees a new release with Payara Platform Enterprise Edition 5.54. If you are still using Payara Platform Community Edition 5, it is no longer being updated - make sure youget in touchto move to Payara Platform Enterprise Edition 5 or explore other options.  

Bug Fixes & a Key Improvement 

Notable bug fixes in this release include fixing the failure to instantiate LdapCtxFactory with JDK 17 on Payara Micro, fixing incorrect imqcmd calculations for the number of consumers after a cluster restart and fixing a server error when DataSource.getConnection() is called in a transaction with wrong status. 

Payara Platform Enterprise 6 is the fully supported Jakarta EE 10 and MicroProfile 6 runtime for developing and deploying Jakarta EE applications on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. This release focused on improving its stability and performance. If you are currently a Payara Platform Community user and would like to migrate to the fully supported, production ready Payara Platform Enterprise 6, pleasereach out to us and one of our Customer Success Engineers will get back to you. You can also try Payara Platform Enterprise 6 for free by requesting a copyhere.

Payara Cloud: Free Trial! 

Whilst we have you here, if you use our Jakarta EE Payara Platform solution, you might find it useful to try our fully-managed cloud native application runtime. We are offering a 15 day free trial of Payara Cloud, an ideal solution if you want to simplify your cloud deployment process, shorten development cycles, and take away the stress of Kubernetes. Simply select your WAR, click deploy, and watch your apps run on the cloud – automatically, like magic. 

Watch thedemo videoand sign up for thefree trial. You will need your company Tax ID and company credit card, and will have the option to painlessly cancel after 15 days. 

Any web application following the Jakarta Web Profile specification can be uploaded, and it will run in a containerized Payara Micro instance. Unlike building an application server deployment on a Cloud Infrastructure as a Service or on raw Kubernetes, Payara Cloud takes care of provisioning infrastructure, installation, configuration, deployment and scaling of your application. 

Payara Cloud 

Join Our Webinar 

What is available to you as a Jakarta EE developer when it comes to cloud deployment?
Luqman Saeed will guideyou through options in our webinar next week:
☁️Docker Containers to Azure Web Apps
☁️Jakarta Runtime installation on a virtual machine and app deployment
☁️Fully managed Jakarta EE cloud deployment runtimes

Assessing Jakarta EE Cloud Deployment Options in a Cloud Native Era

Wed, Aug 23, 2023, 3.00 PM GMT 

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Release Notes

 Payara Platform Enterprise 6.5.0 (Try for freehere)

Payara Community 6.2023.8 (downloadhere)

See a more detailed overview of the fixes and improvements in the Release Notes: