Developer Insight Track at the Virtual Payara Conference - See What's Coming!

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Join us for the Virtual Payara Conference – a two-day, free online event dedicated to fortifying the security and resilience of your Java applications.

Wed 26 June 2024, 1-7pm BST – Developer Insights – Designing Secure and Resilient Solutions for Jakarta EE Applications – REGISTER HERE

Developer Insight track is tailored for developers and technical professionals who are involved in the design and development of Java applications. This day features an array of sessions aimed at providing practical insights and hands-on knowledge to enhance the security and resilience of your solutions. See below for the agenda details.

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The Evolution of Payara: Roadmap Highlights and Future Goals with Ilias Efstathiou

Begin the day with an in-depth look at the Payara Platform’s evolution. This session will highlight significant milestones, upcoming features, and future goals that will shape the next generation of secure and innovative Java applications.

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What’s New in Payara Cloud – Deep Dive with Luqman Saeed

Join this comprehensive dive into the latest features and updates in Payara Cloud. Discover how these advancements can help you deploy secure, scalable, and efficient applications in the cloud environment.

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Open Source Contributors’ Spotlight: Roundtable Discussion

Engage with key Jakarta EE leaders & contributors in an interactive roundtable discussion. Gain insights from their experiences, understand the challenges they faced, and learn about the innovative solutions they developed to enhance security and functionality. Panelists include Lenny Primak, Otavio Santana, Carmen Delgado Perez, Luqman Saeed & Dominika Tasarz.

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Securing Java Applications: Practical Insights on Payara Platform & Jakarta EE with Luís Neto

This workshop session will delve into the best practices for securing Java applications. Learn about the practical steps and methodologies you can implement using the Payara Platform and Jakarta EE to build robust and secure applications.

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Secure Development @ Eclipse Adoptium with Scott Fryer

In today’s evolving tech landscape, software security is crucial due to increasing complexity and cyber threats. This presentation highlights how the Adoptium project secures development by producing Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs), achieving software build reproducibility, complying with the Software Supply Chain Security Framework (SSDF), and adhering to the Supply Chain Levels for Software Artifacts (SLSA). It also covers infrastructure security best practices.




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