The Payara Monthly Catch: April 2021

Photo of Priya Khaira-Hanks by Priya Khaira-Hanks

It's been an incredibly exciting month for Team Payara! We were honoured with a Queen's Award for Enterprise. This is the UK's most prestigious business award, often called the 'Knighthood for Businesses' and our award particularly recognises our international sucess. CEO and Founder Steve Millidge thanked the entire team in his blog, which also went more into detail about what this means for the wider Jakarta EE and MicroProfile community. 

In other Payara Services news, we're also 'buzzing' about our new Charity of the Year, the Bumblebee Conservation Trust - and see Payaran Lenny Primak below on Adam Bien's podcast, and Rudy De Busscher joining forces with IntelliJ IDEA! 

Community highlights included the release of the latest version of IntelliJ IDEA, with our engineersworking hard to update our Payara Platform pugins accordingly due to high demand from the community. We were also excited by news of the newMicrosoft Build of OpenJDK. 

Read more about all this and more in the below round-up of news, articles, videos and podcasts. 

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Royal Recognition! 

We've been honoured by a Queen's Award for Enterprise for International Trade! Find out why and what this means in our video:


Featuring Payarans!

(fake) reactive programming, Project Loom, chunked IO - Payaran Lenny Primak  talks to Adam Bien ! Covering his contributions to Hazelcast & OmniFaces,  centering the user in his work with Payara & past lives as pilot & violinist!

Fast and Efficient Development with Payara Server and IntelliJ IDEA Ultimate - Excellent article from Dalia Abo Sheasha and Rudy De Busscher. Intellij IDEA has powerful enterprise features that make developing your enterprise applications easier, reliable and more efficient.


Are You New to Java? Here Are Some Resources - Helen Jo Scott compiles resources you might find useful if you are starting out on your journey! 

Java for the enterprise: What to expect in Jakarta EE 10 - With the release only a year away. Arjan Tijms  writes in detail about what you could expect from this exciting release.

Java Garbage Collection interview questions and answers  - Cameron McKenzie provides the information you need to know: from stop-the-world events to the impact of JVM pause times.

How to Change a Field's Type in Recent JDKs -Hazelcast’s Nicolas Frankel shares findings on the impact recent JDK changes might have on the security of your applications regarding changing a field's type.

'Kubernetes is the next Linux': SUSE 's Rob Knight on containerisation for TechCentral - He provides a crash course on K8s & Cloud Native technology - perfect for businesses thinking about going Cloud Native.

NoSQL, the Cloud, and Java: Part 1: The NoSQL Approaches - Otávio Santana kicks off his series on non-relational databases for DZone  - discussing the categories, pros & cons. 

How to fix Java security issues in IntelliJ IDEA - Brian Vermeer explains about a new Snyk plugin. 

Taking A Deep Dive Into Multi-Threading in Java - On Foojay, Sumith Puri provides an overview of core concepts & a breakdown of classes. This resource is full of useful definitions all in one place.

No one wants to manage Kubernetes anymore - Sean Carey discusses issues with managing Kubernetes & how organisations are handing over container orchestration responsibilities. What do you think?

4 tips for context switching in GitHub - Anyone who spends a lot of time working with Git will eventually need to do some form of context switching. Sometimes, it can be a real pain. Read this article by Olaf Alders for solutions.

9 Trends Influencing Adoption of DevOps in 2021 - Sam Bocetta picks reasons including Cloud as default, move to microservices away from monolithic, and AI.  

Teams are splitting their monolithic applications into sets of small, independent & highly-scalable microservices - Thorben Janssen show you how to split a monolithic persistence layer into layers of multiple, independent microservices.

SQL Server deadlock trace flags - In this blog, Vlad Mihalcea explains how you can find the cause of an SQL Server deadlock using trace flags and the SQL error log. Have a read to beat that deadlock.

Jenkins Cheat Sheet - All The Essentials In a Single Source - We use Jenkins testing as a DevOps tool at Payara and we know many of our Payara Platform users do as well - check out JFrog 's helpful guide. 

Server-side input validation & how to do it in Java - Request validation or server side  input validation is important as weak validation allows attackers to exploit your application. In this article Tejansh Rana walks you the what, why & how. Read here.

Java is criminally underhyped - We love finding new Java bloggers so great to see Jackson Roberts join the ring with this celebration of all things Java. "Where Java shines is the developer experience with third-party libraries." Do you agree?

Overview Between Java 8 & Java 11 - Otávio Santana covers the basics & setting you up to prepare for the next LTS, Java 17 - a concise & useful resource if you are keen to update or test out straight away (or are just thinking ahead!)

Where Is The Payara Fish This Month? 

We've had pancakes for Shrove Tuesday and a sprayed onto a field for Red Nose Day - this month, Payaran Andre Pielage made Payara Platform extra sweet as an Easter Simnel Cake:

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Videos & Podcasts

Redux Toolkit, JPA via REST, Micrometer, MicroProfile, Obfuscation, JPackage, CDI, JWT covered by Adam Bien -  He also mentions near 'perfect' documentation of Java EE / Jakarta EE & how Payara's tutorials can help fill any gaps.

Survival Guide for the #JavaArchitect in the Cloud Era - In this DZone video Otávio Santana addresses questions you might face related to cloud computing , from which framework to choose to how to approach cloud native CI/CD.

Introduction to remote debugging of Java applications - Wolfgang Liegel shows you how to connect remote applications with your local IDE to start debugging. This can help you fix applications that work on your computer but not in production!

Community News

Announcing Preview of Microsoft Build of OpenJDK - We've been eagerly watching for updates around this new no-cost Long-Term Support (LTS) distribution of OpenJDK & you can now try it! Bruno Borges announces & answers FAQs.

IntellijIDEA 2021.1 is Out! - Relevant for Jakarta EE is that you can now use the JPA console for writing & running JPQL queries in Jakarta EE 9 projects.

3 Java Champions To Be Inspired By and What They Have in Common - Vinicius Monteiro profiles 3 fantastic Java influencers. Friends of Payara Otávio Santana and Vlad Mihalcea join Bethan Palmer! 

Jakarta EE / MicroProfile Alignment Survey Results! - Reza Rahman provides a concise summary of results and feedback, as CN4J works to provide better alignment between Jakarta EE and MicroProfile.

JDK Mission Control 8 Released - JDK Mission Control analyses data used by Java Flight Recorder. The new release is available to download OpenJDK , Johan Janssen explains more & directs to useful resources on the topic.

Welcome to the New Java Welcome Page for VS Code - Yaojin Yang on the new VS Code Welcome Screen. You can use VS Code with Payara Enterprise & Community, we're often improving integration with the Microsoft IDE.