Payara Team Win the Queen’s Award for International Trade 2021

Photo of Steve Millidge by Steve Millidge

With immense prideI can reveal that Payara has won theQueen’s Award for Enterprise for outstanding achievements in International Trade. This award is a testament to the hard work the whole of the Payara team have made in building the Payara company, community, customers, software, and team, over the past three years. 

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The Queen’s Awards for Enterprise are the most prestigious awards for UK business, designed to recognise and encourage outstanding achievements in the fields of Innovation, International Trade, Sustainable Development, and Promoting Opportunity (through social mobility). Receiving a Queen’s Award is a bit like receiving a five-year ‘knighthood for a business’The awards are made based on a recommendation directly from the UK Prime Minister’s Office and subsequent approval by Her Majesty The Queen. The Payara team have been selected to receive an award for achievements in International Trade where we have demonstrated outstanding growth in international customers over three years.  

Payara was born global, from the day we founded Payara in the UK. The nature of Payara’s open source platform is that it can be discovered and adopted by developers and companies worldwide. Our foundational core technologies; Java, Jakarta EE, and MicroProfile, are created through international collaboration, and our software is downloaded all over the world. We collaborate remotely on many different initiatives like Jakarta EE with people across the globe. The Payara Platform is recognised globally as a leading platform for developing and deploying mission critical Jakarta EE applications. Our first customer was in a different country from us, and now we have customers across the world. Because of this, we started as a remote-first team and always had a truly global team, with our team members currently spread across 11 countries and many time zones. It is this born global nature and our global team that has enabled Payara to win this prestigious award.  

This award gives the team and our software a great endorsement and serves as a foundation for future growth of the team, the community of users, and our customers. As the founder of Payara, I’d like to personally thank our expanding global community of users and customers for downloading the Payara Platform, and for trusting our stable and secure software for use in your production environments. I’d also like to thank our dedicated team for their passion and commitment to continuously improving and developing our open source platform. This award would not be possible without the collaborative efforts of every Payaran’ from every departmental team in our company. 

We are developing new and exciting initiatives to deliver innovative software into the hands of our user base. We hope you will like them.  

If you want to help us grow and win more awards, please download Payara; try it out; deploy it into production; become a customer; contribute codehelp on the forum, or join our team